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News: UN missions: Army seeking way out of Geneva quagmire
Posted Date: 13/04/2018 (Friday)
An ambitious Sri Lankan project to enhance its share in lucrative UN peace keeping operations is in jeopardy for want of a cohesive strategy to counter unsubstantiated war crimes allegations against the Sri Lankan military. Army Chief Lt. Gen. Mahesh Senanayake yesterday explained measures that had been taken by military authorities, including a screening process of officers and men in accordance with UN standards. Senanayake said so in response to a query raised by The Island following the inauguration of the Directorate of Overseas Operations (DOO) in Colombo 3 by Defence Secretary Kapila Waidyaratne, PC. However, Waidyaratne, a former senior Senior Additional Solicitor General of the Attorney General’s Department didn’t meet the press.
News: Over 450,000 potential dengue breeding sites found
Posted Date: 13/04/2018 (Friday)
Health Ministry officials have detected 463, 827 potential dengue breeding sites across the country during the mosquito eradication week which concluded recently. The Ministry carried out the campaign, with the assistance of the Police, the tri services, civil defence force and members of community health committees in a bid to prevent an outbreak of dengue with the activation of the South Western monsoonal rains.
News: Sri Lanka mulls new laws to curb hate speech and fake news on social media
Posted Date: 13/04/2018 (Friday)
Sri Lanka is considering new legislation or amendments to exiting legislation in order to criminalize the spread of hate speech or fake news through social media, following in the footsteps of countries such as Malaysia, while the relevant draft laws are expected to be prepared within a month. Minister of Telecommunication and Digital Infrastructure Harin Fernando stated that the government took several measures in the wake of the country’s recent experiences in the spread of hate speech through social media, which led to communal violence mainly in the Kandy district.
News: Sri Lanka’s Norochcholai power plant shuts down temporarily
Posted Date: 13/04/2018 (Friday)
The unit one of Lakvijaya power station which is also known as the Norochcholai power station has been shut down following the release of harmful emissions from its smokestack. The provincial environmental authority of North Western province has asked the Norochcholai plant to be shut down from yesterday evening (11/4/18), an official of the environmental Authority told Lanka Business Online. “We hope to back and running in the next ten days by April 22 or so.” Indrajith Gallage, assistant general manager, Norochcholai power station told us.
News: Sri Lanka president suspends parliament until May 8
Posted Date: 13/04/2018 (Friday)
Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena on Thursday suspended parliament until next month in a shock move amid a deepening power struggle between him and his unity government's prime minister. A government decree quoted the president as stating that he had halted parliament's meetings "with effect from midnight" Thursday under article 70 of the constitution. The move, scheduled to last until May 8, came hours after at least 16 Sirisena loyalists, including six cabinet ministers, said they would leave the troubled coalition.
News: Police seize 136-kg ganja, arrest four people It was being smuggled to Sri Lanka via sea
Posted Date: 13/04/2018 (Friday)
The Mandapam police have seized 136 kg of ganja, being smuggled to Sri Lanka via sea after arresting four people, including the kingpin of the smuggling gang and seizing their three cars at Vedhalai near Mandapam on Tuesday night. Acting on specific intelligence inputs received by a security agency, a special police team intercepted the smugglers at Vedhalai seashore around 9 p.m. and seized the contraband brought to the shore to be smuggled to Sri Lanka, using a fishing boat.
News: Northern Governor calls for early general election to settle political crisis
Posted Date: 13/04/2018 (Friday)
Northern Province Governor Reginald Cooray yesterday warned that the current political crisis, triggered by the Feb. 10 Local Government polls, could be only addressed by an early parliamentary election. Cooray warned of dire consequences unless the UNP and the SLFP took tangible measures to restore normalcy. The Northern Governor said so in response to a media query after swearing in Kandiah Sarveswaran as the Acting Chief Minister of the Northern Province until C.V. Wigneswaran’s return from abroad.
News: 7 new Governors take oath before President
Posted Date: 13/04/2018 (Friday)
Seven new Governors have taken oath before President Maithripala Sirisena this morning. Accordingly Hemakumara Nanayakkara who was previously the Governor of the Southern Province was sworn in as the Governor of the Western Province. Niluka Ekanayake who was the former Governor of the Central Province was sworn in as the Governor of the Sabaragamuwa Province while KC Logeswaran who was the former Governor of the Western Province took oath as the Governor of the North Western Province.
News: President to leave for the UK to attend CHOGM
Posted Date: 13/04/2018 (Friday)
President Maithripala Sirisena is due to leave for the United Kingdom next week to attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 2018 to be held in London. When inquired by NewsRadio Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maheshini Colonne said the President is due to leave the island next week in order to attend the CHOGM session. The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting will be held from 16 to 20 April in London and the week-long summit is expected to attract around 5,000 participants from
Photos: Some Missing Persons in Mentallay upset state in detention camps, former militants shocking revelation
Posted Date: 13/04/2018 (Friday)
Photos: Army established new Directorate for Overseas Operations
Posted Date: 13/04/2018 (Friday)
News: SLFP headed for a split?
Posted Date: 12/04/2018 (Thursday)
A section of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) backed the move to bring the no confidence motion in the hope of unseating Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe. The Prime Minister survived the motion with the support of his party men and the main opposition Tamil National Alliance (TNA). Be that as it may, the SLFP is now in disarray due to consequences of the motion.
News: 90 per cent coastal pollution from inland sources
Posted Date: 12/04/2018 (Thursday)
The Marine Environmental Protection Authority (MEPA) revealed that 90 per cent of the coastal pollution in Sri Lanka comes from inland municipalities and the public. Commenting on Sri Lanka’s coastal pollution, General Manager, MEPA, Dr. P.B. Terney Pradeep Kumara added that only 10 per cent of the garbage in beaches and the sea around the island can be attributed to coastal communities, coastal municipalities, and marine pollution that drifted from the Bay of Bengal through ocean currents. “This is because we don’t have a proper way of managing garbage. We are having a coastal
News: Sri Lanka and Vietnam to advance bilateral political cooperation
Posted Date: 12/04/2018 (Thursday)
Sri Lanka and Vietnam on Wednesday reaffirmed the commitment to further consolidate and advance bilateral political and economic cooperation. The Third Meeting of the Sri Lanka-Vietnam Political Consultations was held on Wednesday in Colombo at senior official level. The Sri Lanka delegation was led by Sumith Nakandala, Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Vietnam delegation was headed by Đặng Đình Quý, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam.
News: Environmentalists up in arms against Whit Legged Shrimp farming
Posted Date: 12/04/2018 (Thursday)
The government has given the go-ahead for Pacific White Legged Shrimp (Litopenaeus Vannamei) farming in Mannar, but environmentalists warn of the potential negative impacts of the new project and demand to know what methods will be used to ensure that the new activity is bio-secure. Environmentalist and Senior lawyer Jagath Gunawardana told The Island that risks had to be taken into consideration as the potential environmental impact of L. Vannamei shrimp farming was significant.
News: Chinese firm to invest $800 million on Sri Lanka Port City underground road
Posted Date: 12/04/2018 (Thursday)
China Communication Construction Company (CCCC) will invest $800 million to build an underground road network to Sri Lanka’s Port City, a $1.4 billion project built on reclaimed land, a government minister said. The plan, for which an agreement has already been signed, is expected to reduce traffic congestion on the existing route once the Port City - part of Beijing’s ambitious plan to create a modern-day “Silk Road” across Asia - starts operating.
Photos: Good Governance, Democracy and the Opposition Leader
Posted Date: 12/04/2018 (Thursday)
News: The sharp power of development diplomacy and China’s edge
Posted Date: 11/04/2018 (Wednesday)
Military might and economic coercion have traditionally been the preferred tools for the pursuit of geopolitical ambitions with soft power playing a supporting role. For the first time in contemporary geopolitics, we witness this accepted norm turn on its head. The experience of China being a classic example — where, in several cases, we see development diplomacy assume a central role in reinforcing Beijing’s hegemonic ambitions. Beijing’s conduct calls into question not only established understanding of geopolitics, but also that of global development. The sphere of global development will increasingly be the arena where geostrategic tensions
News: The last chance for the UNP
Posted Date: 10/04/2018 (Tuesday)
Sri Lanka is making another first in the world. This is the only government on the whole planet, of which the ministers and MPs who voted for a no confidence motion against its own prime minister, and by extension the government, can stick to their portfolios after the vote was defeated. Anywhere else they would have resigned, or got sacked, but not here. In that sense this is no longer a government, but a farce. Sixteen SLFP MPs including six ministers voted for the no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe. It is their right to exercise their constitutional mandate as they wished. But it is also their moral responsibility to get out of the government. Instead
News: Amendment of LG Elections’ Act, the need of the hour
Posted Date: 10/04/2018 (Tuesday)
Nobody would contest the view aired by President Maithripala Sirisena on the need to amend the Local Government Elections Act again in order to reduce the number of local government members from 8,000 to 4,000. Speaking to the Editors and heads of media institutions on Friday, the President had said that the present number of LG members is an unbearable burden for the country. True, but why didn’t the politicians who joined hands to double the number of LG members through an amendment to the same Act in 2012 understand that it would be a burden? The number of LG members was increased in the process of eliminating the flaws in the said Act,

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