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News: Setting up the OMP: Delays, Dilution and Deal-Making
Posted Date: 03/02/2018 (Saturday)
The Office on Missing Persons (OMP) is one of the four mechanisms that the government promised in its ‘comprehensive approach to dealing with the past’. While the OMP is the only mechanism on which any formal progress has been made in the 28 months that have passed since the government announced its plan; even this has not yet been formally constituted and operationalised. Each step of the process thus far to establish the OMP has been marked by slow progress, a regrettable lack of transparency, poor engagement with victims and troubling political actions to undermine the independence of the institution.
News: 70 years with the ‘filthy rich’
Posted Date: 03/02/2018 (Saturday)
This Blue-Green coalition government will go on stage at Galle Face Green this Sunday to celebrate 70 years of Independence from British colonial rule. This same coalition, established after the 2015 January Presidential Election, celebrated 67 years of independence three years ago, with a simple ceremony, also at Galle Face Green. Three years from then, the ceremony has grown into a grand show as any, the Rajapaksas held to exhibit their power using the Independence Day celebrations. Though proud we are of the Independence gained (rather received), after 130 years and more of colonial rule, we don’t seem to have achieved anything greater than what the British left us.
News: Sri Lanka ranked among world's 10 worst countries for personal freedom
Posted Date: 03/02/2018 (Saturday)
Sri Lanka has been ranked among 10 worst countries in the world for personal freedoms in a global index of human freedom, just behind Zimbabwe, due to damaged institutions of liberty, though the country scored better on economic freedoms. Sri Lanka was placed 150 on personal freedoms, out of 159 countries, ahead of Cameroon (151), Congo and Saudi Arabia, Burundi and Iran, but behind Zimbabwe at 149 in the 2017 Human Freedom Index compiled in association with the Fraser Institute, a Canada based think tank. In the region, India was placed at 103 Bangladesh 138 and Pakistan was ahead of Sri Lanka at 148.
News: TNA to avoid Independence Day Celebrations
Posted Date: 03/02/2018 (Saturday)
The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) yesterday said its members would not participate in the Independence Day National Celebration due to local government election campaign activities in the Trincomalee District. Opposition Leader and TNA MP R. Sampanthan has officially informed this to the Independence Day Celebrations Committee. TNA sources said MP Sampanthan would participate in the LG election public meetings and rallies in Trincomalee in February 4.
News: 20,000 disabled voters at LG Polls
Posted Date: 03/02/2018 (Saturday)
Chairman of the Elections Commission (EC) Mahinda Deshapriya said that out of 15,760,867 registered voters, who are entitled to cast their votes at the 2018 Local Government Polls, around 20,000 come under the category of disabled voters. He added that being handicapped would not be a hindrance to cast votes at any election under any circumstance. Deshapriya noted that the EC has advised all Grama Sevaka Officers, Divisional Secretaries and returning officers to make facilities available for disabled voters to exercise their franchise at the upcoming Polls.
News: Country will never return to dictatorship - Mangala
Posted Date: 03/02/2018 (Saturday)
The country which was rescued from dictatorship by electing the Common Candidate will never be turned back, Finance and Mass Media Minister Mangala Samaraweera pointed out yesterday. He also pointed out that the country which was isolated in the international arena, regained its due recognition after the victory of the Common Candidate. Minister Samaraweera made these observations at a rally held at Weligama, supporting UNP Local Government election candidates.
News: Kids from shanties shut out of big schools in Colombo
Posted Date: 03/02/2018 (Saturday)
Schools in Colombo refuse to enrol Grade One students living in shanties of Colombo and ignore their government-authorised ‘ownership cards’ issued in lieu of land deeds, says Sampath Rambukkanage the Pamankade (East) contestant from Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna for the CMC at the upcoming local government polls. Speaking to The Island the SLPP candidate said yesterday that the ‘ownership cards’ initially issued by former Colombo Mayor B. Sirisena Cooray to those living in unauthorised dwellings on lands belonging to the CMC had previously been accepted by national schools, but now a group of principals from Colombo refused to accept them, Rambukkanage said.
News: MR failed to ensure Tamil people’s rights - Ranil
Posted Date: 03/02/2018 (Saturday)
Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe says that even after the LTTE was defeated, former President Mahinda Rajapaksa failed to ensure the Tamil People’s rights. Addressing an UNP Local Polls rally in Pothuwil, on Wednesday, Wickremesinghe said that instead of uniting all the communities and developing the country after the end of the war , the Rajapaksas adopted a divide and rule policy , by encouraging ethnic and religious conflicts. Issues confronting the Tamils were ignored, on the mistaken premise that the LTTE had been defeated, he added.
News: Sri Lanka deletes laptop dance from i-day parade
Posted Date: 03/02/2018 (Saturday)
Sri Lankan authorities have scrapped a “laptop dance” by school girls during the main Independence Day parade in Colombo after the unconventional item attracted ridicule on social media. Unlike the erotic art of lap dance, the 21st century Sri Lankan version was performed by students dressed in black leggings, yellow skirts and black short-sleeved jackets to symbolize the computers given by the education department
News: Miss Leading: Sri Lanka joins in on fighting sexism
Posted Date: 03/02/2018 (Saturday)
In recent history, the world has seen a lot of progress and positive strides surrounding the topic of women’s rights. From hundreds of women coming forward about their stories of sexual assault in the United States to the Saudi king passing a law giving women the right to drive, there is a clear effort to push for equality across the globe. Earlier this month, Sri Lanka joined the movement by allowing women to purchase alcohol and work in places where alcohol is served — a law that comes nearly 40 years after women were first denied access to alcohol. The ruling received significant backlash from consumer advocacy groups, citing this act could encourage drinking. This Sunday, Sri Lanka’s president reversed the ruling, prolonging the four-decade long ban.
News: Sri Lanka calls on Maldives to find peaceful solution to ongoing crisis
Posted Date: 03/02/2018 (Saturday)
The Sri Lankan government on Saturday called on all parties in the Maldives to uphold the rule of law and find a peaceful solution to the ongoing political crisis. "Sri Lanka is observing the evolving situation in the Maldives. We urge all parties to uphold the rule of law and the constitution, and find a peaceful solution to the current situation," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement. Clashes have been reported in the Maldives between police and protesters since Friday as supporters of former President Mohamed Nasheed took to the streets celebrating a ruling by
News: TNA MP Mavai Senathirajah Sues Sivasakthi for making defamatory allegations against him
Posted Date: 03/02/2018 (Saturday)
Mavai S. Senathirajah, Member of Parliament for Jaffna District instructs his lawyers to take appropriate legal action against Annamalai Nadesu Sivasakthi to pay a sum of Rupees One Billion (Rs. l,000,000,000.00) together with interest and costs of suit in the event of your failure to pay for making false and defamatory statements saying that Mr Senathirajah and some other Members of Parliament have received bribes amounting to Rupees Twenty Million (Rs. 20,000,000.00) each for the purpose of voting in favour of the Appropriation Bill for the year 2018.
Photos: Reflecting on Silent Revolutions What’s in store for Rainbow Revolution of 2015…?
Posted Date: 03/02/2018 (Saturday)
Photos: Seventy Years
Posted Date: 03/02/2018 (Saturday)
Events: A Fund raising dinner for a Tamil Chair at Harward University
Posted Date: 03/02/2018 (Saturday)
90 Buckly St. Noble Park-3174, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
News: 70 years of Independence We need to move from confrontation to compromise
Posted Date: 02/02/2018 (Friday)
The forward thrust the island has made may well be reversed if internal differences aren’t ironed out soon As Sri Lankans head to the polling stations for local Government elections a few days after 70th anniversary of Independence, they are starved of choices It’s now 70 decades since the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’ broke free from the bondage of colonial rule. Sri Lanka (then Ceylon), which was subjected to one of the longest periods of foreign occupation from 1505 to 1948, had a very smooth transition to the democratic parliamentary system. In contrast to many other colonies both in the region and beyond, there
News: China's shadow looms large in Sri Lanka local election
Posted Date: 02/02/2018 (Friday)
On Feb.10, Sri Lankans will go to the polls to vote for their local representatives. But the outcome of these village elections will have much wider repercussions as they will ultimately determine if China will play a bigger role in Sri Lanka's development. The battle for Sri Lanka's heartlands is being fought out by the country's twice defeated pro-China former leader Mahinda Rajapaksa and the incumbent pro-India coalition government of President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.
News: Rajapaksa urges Tamils to have faith in him
Posted Date: 02/02/2018 (Friday)
Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa yesterday urged the Tamil community to have faith in him. Addressing a public rally in Jaffna in support of local government candidates backed by the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP), the former President said development work had come to a grinding halt since the change of government in January 2015. Former External Affairs Minister Prof. G. L. Peiris told the gathering that post-war reconciliation would never be a reality without former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s support.
News: Theft at Trinco Navy Holiday Bungalow
Posted Date: 02/02/2018 (Friday)
A group of 19 locals and Sri Lankan Canadians have been stolen of cash and jewellery while on holiday at the heavily fortified - Command Headquarters- Eastern Naval Area, Trincomalee, on Tuesday night, the Daily Mirror learns. The rogues had broken into the Bungalow located within the premises at which 19 persons including 11 females were staying. Initial observations of the group had revealed stolen cash and jewellery amounting to over 300,000 rupees. “ We were completely devastated when we found out early next morning,” one of the tour
News: Heads to roll in foreign missions
Posted Date: 02/02/2018 (Friday)
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in the process of restructuring its foreign missions and as a result several key positions in Sri Lanka’s vital and influential diplomatic hot spots would be changed, the Daily Mirror learns. A senior government source said on condition of anonymity that our Head of the Mission in Geneva, Mr. Ravinath Aryasinghe would be called back to the Foreign Office (Colombo) and he would be replaced by Mr. A.L.A.Azis who was the Director General of the EU affairs, Multilateral Treaties and the Commonwealth. Mr. Aryasinghe will serve as an additional Secretary at the Foreign Ministry.

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