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Sri Lanka- Situation report - Issue No.36
Uploaded Date: 20/04/2013
Petrol arrives into the |Peninsula via Elephant Pass for the first time after lifting of the fuel embargo by the Government. Government Media reports that two fishing boats were hijacked off the cost of Kalpiyiya by unknown persons, after attacking the ten occupants. Militants suspected. Security forces in patrol boats and aircrafts are making a search.
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Sri Lanka- Situation report - Issue No.35
Uploaded Date: 20/04/2013
A helicopter gunship circling over Sri pathirakali Amman Temple in Thavadi North opens fire at hundreds of devotees assembled there to participate in the annual "Sithithiraikanji Utsavam". Devotees stampede and run for shelter. Mrs S Navaratnam (45) of Thavaddy North is injured and admitted to Jaffna hospital. It is reported that part of the temple buildings were also damaged.
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Sri Lanka- Situation report - Issue No.34
Uploaded Date: 20/04/2013
Colombo July 11, That Indo – Lankan relations are at a low ebb. Is well known but it is by no other means a simple relationship of hatred or fear as I learnt when I was detained earlier this week for four-and-a-half hours at the police station at Paddukai, a small town 20 miles from Colombo.
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Sri Lanka- Situation report - Issue No.33
Uploaded Date: 20/04/2013
Rajiv Gandhi has hesitantly taken one small step to break from the amateurist foreign policy which he had been pursuing over the last two years. Where he came to power, his world view was closer to Morarji Desai's than that of his mother. It was based on a simplistic moral moral approach, namely be nice to others, others will be nice to you. Indra Gandhi was a hard headed politician who could perceive the clash of interests and tailor her response accordingly.
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Sri Lanka- Situation report - Issue No.32
Uploaded Date: 20/04/2013
Timely intervention by security personnel prevented a shooting at a Minister's Colombo residence yesterday. A reserve police constable annoyed at being pulled up for sleeping on the job by a sub Inspector went for his gun in anger but was brought under control by other security personnel at the residence, official sources said.
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Sri Lanka- Situation report - Issue No.31 -(15.03.1987)
Uploaded Date: 20/04/2013
Several hand grenades of the same type issued to servicemen have been found in the suburbs and in areas close to Army camps during the past few weeks leading to speculation that they may have been pilfered from military establishments or sold by soldiers, police said.
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Sri Lanka- Situation report - Issue No.30 -(01.03.1987)
Uploaded Date: 20/04/2013
Would the time come soon for the people of the country to raise their heads and cry " Oh Lord save us from our Saviours" Not a day seems to pass without either a top ranking politician, some customs or police officers, forest, excise and many other officials that one can think of from various state sectors being involved in big time smuggling, currency rackets, dope dealing, timber felling, poaching ending up in thuggery and even murder in some cases
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Sri Lanka- Situation report - Issue No.29 -(15.01.1987)
Uploaded Date: 20/04/2013
Spiralling Defence costs have forced the Government to impose a 11% freeze on expenditure by Ministries. The move decided by the Cabinet last Wednesday as an urgent measure, will mean every Ministry will have to save this amount from the monies voted for capital expenditure during the financial year 1987. Consequently some of the activity planned b y the Ministries will be halted, at least temporarily.
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Sri Lanka- Situation report - Issue No.28 -(01.02.1987)
Uploaded Date: 20/04/2013
A hitherto unknown leftist radical group, fighting for secession of the Southern state of Tamil Nadu from India, was behind the blast of a railway bridge, killing 25 train passengers earlier this week, police said today. Tamil Nadu Police- Inspector- General : Rajasekharan said a 28 -.year - old activist belonging to the Tamil Nadu Liberation Army had been arrested and gelignite sticks. of the kind used in the blast' had -bean seized.
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Sri Lanka- Situation report - Issue No.27 -(15.01.1987)
Uploaded Date: 20/04/2013
A foreigner by the name of Goldfarb Eric Ralph spent a night at the Lizzle Villa Guest House, Ella recently. He had left the following morning having settled his dues. Mr. M. D. Rodrigo, the owner of the Guest House, ' when tidying up the room occupied by the' foreigner found a wallet under the pillow on the bed used by the foreigner.
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