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Sri Lanka Ethnic Conflict- Negotiations and International Concerns
Uploaded Date: 20/04/2013
The post-independence period in Sri Lankan history has witnessed many attempts at a negotiated settlement of the ethnic conflict. Lack of foresight and pursuit of narrow goals for political gain have jeopardized these attempts.
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Sri Lanka - 10 Years of Jayawardene Rule
Uploaded Date: 20/04/2013
On July 22, 1987, the President of Sri Lanka, Junius Richard Jayewardene completes 10 years of power; the longest single spell by a politician in that country. While from the very beginning of independence until now all Sinhalese politicians with one exception – Dudley Senanayake - had demonstrated a desire for power, it remains paradoxical that it was the latter, the reluctant "Hamlet of Ceylon politics" who was called upon to serve three terms in office; he was in fact the first Prime Minister to complete the full 5-year tenure permitted under the constitution.
Price: £ 3.00
Religious and Cultural Development in the Eastern Region
Uploaded Date: 20/04/2013
"Live not in a village that abounds not in temples" is a Tamil adage. ("Kovil illa ooril kudi iruka vendam)" Accordingly the Tamils of the East of Sri Lanka from time immemorial built temples and shrines in all villages and towns. Those who migrated from other areas also made it a point to shift to a residence close to a shrine. Every time the problems of Tamils are discussed in international for, the main issue that arises is about the identity of the original inhabitant of Sri Lanka. The West is satisfied by the clarification given by the Sinhala Sri Lankan Governmental.
Price: £ 1.50
Education in the Eastern Region
Uploaded Date: 20/04/2013
The Eastern Region- is educationally the backwoods of Sri Lanka. This was the official view. It was the most backward area. Why so? A very pertinent question. The early invaders: the Portuguese and Dutch came to trade, to conquer, to exploit not to educate the people. The Eastern Region is a secluded, inaccessible region, cut off from the busy, progressive West and far removed from the industrious North; the Indian sub continent being further away and remote. There were very few cultural ties. Physically structurally economically, culturally and educationally the Eastern Region is en Ultima Thule: a far off region.
Price: £ 1.50
Human Rights Education and International Procedures-12-05-1991
Uploaded Date: 20/04/2013
The United Nations Charter states in the preamble that members reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights and in the equal rights of men and women. Article I of the Charter includes cooperation in promoting and encouraging respect for human rights and for fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language or religion.
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Employment & Training for Tamils living in the Borough of Newham - A Survey Report
Uploaded Date: 20/04/2013
This report illustrates the considerable potential of the Tamil minority to participate in the development of the local and national economy. However, its findings are a staggering indictment of the failure of local training and education provision to be accessible and pertinent to their needs. While confined to the experience of Tamils living in Newham, this report is fully supportive of RTEC's Employment & Training For Refugees report (June 1991) to the City & Inner London North Training and Enterprise Council.
Price: £ 1.50
Economic and Administrative Changes in the Eastern Region
Uploaded Date: 20/04/2013
A sound economy is the primary need for the existence and development of a stable society. The growth of the society depends mainly on its economic development. A systematic destruction of the economy will lead to the eventual destruction of the society. This is the agonising plight of the indigenous Tamil speaking population of the East..!The economy in the Eastern sector of Sri Lanka was primarily based on Agriculture and secondarily on Fisheries.
Price: £ 1.50
Displacement of Tamils in the Eastern Region
Uploaded Date: 20/04/2013
Incessant violence against the Tamil community in NorthEast Sri Lanka from the 1970s has made destitute thousands of Tamils and forced them to flee from their homes and villages. Government policy since the beginning of this period has been to destabilise the Tamil population using the military and the home guards aided by aerial surveillance and bombardment to undermine the right of the Tamils to a homeland. Number of milrtary camps was established in the vicinity of villages and populated areas. Indiscriminate attacks by ground, air and sea has resulted in the displacement of a large number of Tamil civilians.
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Changing Profile of the Eastern Region - 01-07-1991
Uploaded Date: 20/04/2013
Sri Lanka known to many as Ceylon and 'Tea Country", has attracted international attention because of the escalating ethnic conRict haunting this country, since the early 80s. A series of events, still being andysed had led to this cataetrophe. There is however, broad consensus that many of the causes which contributed to the ethnic unrest were the end product of certain policy measures adopted by successive governments since independence, only to gain political expediency.
Price: £ 1.50
The Ethnic Conflict in Sri Lanka Economic Aspects
Uploaded Date: 20/04/2013
This paper examines the economic aspects of the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka. It provides a brief account of the record of human rights violations directed at the Tamils of Sri Lanka in the economic sphere, explains their origins and motivation, and analyses their economic effects. Accurate quantification of certain aspects of the problem has been difficult because of problems in collecting statistical data under current conditions in Sri Lanka. However, the analysis presented rests on whatever data are available and on published research studies of various scholars.
Price: £ 4.00
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