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Sri Lanka - Human Rights Violations - Extrajudicial & Arbitrary Killings
Uploaded Date: 20/04/2013
We hope that this document will, to some extent, serve to highlight the gravity of the human rights situation in Sri Lanka, particularly in the context of the reported large scale extrajudicial and arbitrary killings that have been committed in that country. Eye-witness accounts, interviews with victims, sworn testimonies and reports and data from human rights groups constitute the essential material for this document. The author also has relied heavily on the various reports of Amnesty International to which he is grateful.
Price: £ 4.00
Oppression of Tamils in Sri Lanka - 15-06-1987
Uploaded Date: 20/04/2013
This paper records the series of events in Sri Lanka since 1948 that have culminated in the present catastrophe. The appendices contain supporting documents and briefly outline the matters set out in the paper. The paper is based on the questions asked and details requested from us during the last two years and by no means encompass the entirety of events in Sri Lanka. Tables, maps and a bibliography are also included. (The first edition was published on 21 June 1985).
Price: £ 3.00
Militarisation in Sri Lanka-01-06-1986
Uploaded Date: 20/04/2013
This paper raises the issues of Militarisation in Sri Lanka and the gross violations of human rights by the Sri Lankan government. These two issues are linked and have led to the dehumanisation of the Tamil people of Sri Lanka. Militarisation has also affected the development of the country to a great extent. We hope that this paper would bring about greater awareness of the developments of the country to a great extent.
Price: £ 7.50
The Mossad Connection and State Terrorism in Sri Lanka
Uploaded Date: 20/04/2013
This is a combination of newspaper cuttings and copies of documents relating to the establishment of an Israeli interest sections in the embassy of the United States of America in Sri Lanka. The assistance provided by the Israeli intelligence in Sri Lanka and the reactions of the international community. More...
Price: £ 3.00
Dear Sri Lanka Ambassador..... Your slip is showing
Uploaded Date: 19/04/2013
Ambassador Ernesr Corea is the kind of man who has a flair for sounding ‘reasonable’. This is a great asset to a diplomat. It is also a positive a plus point for a propagandist. But there is a pitfall that readers who are not used to critical thinking have to guard against. What is couched in the language of reason need not necessarily be the Truth: More...
Price: £ 2.00
Insecurity of Tamils in Sri Lanka
Uploaded Date: 21/09/1983
Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) is an Island in the Indian Ocean lying 25 miles off the South eastern tip of India. It is 25 352 square miles in extent. It has been inhabited by Sinhalese and the Tamils for over 20 centuries. The Sinhalese speaks Sinhala language and about 93% of them are Buddhist. About 7% of the Sinhalese are Christians. The Tamils speak Tamil language and 90 % of the Tamils are Hindus and the balance 10% is Christians. The Tamils speak Tamil language and 90 % of the Tamils are Hindus and the balance 10% is Christians. 7% of the population of the Island are Muslims and they speak the Tamil language.
Price: £ 1.50
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