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Agaram - Thirukkural

"எழுத்து அறிவித்தவன் இறைவன்"

Thirukural written by Thiruvalluvar consists of three books, the first book on Aram (the Way or Dharma), the second on Porul (Material or Artha) and the third on Inbam (Joy or Kama).

There are 37 chapters in the first book, the first four called Payiram or Prefactory Matter, the next twenty about Ill-Aram (the householder’s Dharma) and the next thirteen about Turavaram (the path of Renunciation). The second book on Porul contains seventy chapters, the first twenty dealing with Kings and their Duties, the succeeding thirty two chapters with the other matters concerning the State, and next thirteen, with Sundry Concerns. The third book on Inbam contains twenty five chapters, the first seven being on Pre Marital Love (Kalavu) and the next eighteen on Marital Love.

There are 133 chapters in all, each chapter contains ten distichs in the metre known as Kural and the work itself is now called by that name.

தமிழில் உள்ள நூல்களிலேயே சிறப்பிடம் பெற்ற நூல் திருக்குறள்.

இது அடிப்படையில் ஒரு வாழ்வியல் நூல். மனித வாழ்வின் முக்கிய அங்கங்களாகிய அறம் அல்லது தர்மம், பொருள், இன்பம் அல்லது காமம் ஆகியவற்றைப் பற்றி விளக்கும் நூல். இந்நூலை இயற்றியவர் திருவள்ளுவர்.

Click here to read Thirukural

More to read about Thiruvalluvar http://agaram-thirukkural.blogspot.com/

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