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Set Noura Free -- sign now!
Updated Date: 19/06/2018

Dear friends,

Child bride Noura was held down by relatives and raped by her 'husband' -- a man she was forced to marry at 15.

And when he came back for more, she killed him in self defence.

Now Noura's facing execution in Sudan -- but one phone call could save her.

Last year America eased sanctions on condition that Sudan's human rights improve. Noura's case shows they haven't, and gives the US unique leverage to have her conviction dropped, and ban child marriage forever!

Just one phone call could be enough to push Sudan's president. Let’s build a giant call for US State Secretary, Mike Pompeo, to pick up the phone -- allies in Congress are ready to deliver our call to him! Sign now and pass this on!

Set Noura Free -- sign now!

In Sudan girls can be married from 10 years old, 38% are married before they're 18 -- and marital rape is still legal. That's why Noura's case is critical: it's forced a global spotlight onto these brutal laws and created an opportunity for legal reforms that would protect millions of little Nouras in future.

Our movement has fought for women's rights around the world -- and this is a moment for the whole world to stand behind one girl. A chance to fight for the belief that girls should not be brides, forced into marriage and hanged if they defend themselves. Noura needs justice -- let's make sure she gets it!

The first step is getting her out -- and US State Secretary, Mike Pompeo, can make that happen. With one phone call he can directly push Sudan's President to annul the conviction and start reforms to end child marriage forever. Let's make sure he picks up the phone -- this deadline is more real than ever, and every single voice counts, sign now and pass this on!

Set Noura Free -- sign now!

Noura's already thinking of the future and how she'll help other girls if she gets out. She's a symbol of a new world where courageous women are rising like never before, and it's a world our movement and countless others are longing for. Now let's lift her up and set her free! 

With hope and determination,

Fatima, Mike, Sarah, Rewan, and the whole team at Avaaz

More information:

Calls for leniency grow for teen sentenced to die in marital rape case (CNN)

Sudan president pardons, frees rights activist (Reuters)

Sudanese teenager who killed rapist husband appeals death sentence (The Guardian)

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Set Noura Free -- sign now!
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