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Events: Book Launch: War, Denial and Nation-Building in Sri-Lanka by Dr Rachel Seoighe
Posted Date: 20/04/2018 (Friday)
The College Building, Middlesex University, The Burroughs, London, NW4 4BT.
News: TUs to hold joint May Day rally on May 1: JTU
Posted Date: 19/04/2018 (Thursday)
Trade unions will hold thei joint May Day rally as usual on May 1, the Joint Trade Union (JTU) said condemning the government’s decision to reschedule the rally to May 7. In a statement, JTU Joint Secretary Anton Marcus said the government had not even discussed postponing the May Day with the National Labour Advisory Council (NLAC) prior to arriving at the decision. “It was back in 1956 that the May Day was declared a public, bank and mercantile holiday. After 62 years, the Yahapalana Government issued a gazette notification declaring this day as
News: Minister Announces crackdown on tuition Teachers who hassle pupils Warned
Posted Date: 19/04/2018 (Thursday)
Minister of Education Akila Viraj Kariyawasam yesterday (18), urged the public to call the Ministry hotline 1988 if there are complaints regarding incidents in which schoolteachers are found harassing students who do not attend tuition classes conducted by them. During a meeting with Education Officials, the Minister gave instructions to take strict disciplinary actions against such teachers who force students to attend tuition classes conducted by them directly or indirectly. Kariyawasam gave these instructions following complaints he received from parents that
News: President thanks Lord Naseby for constant support
Posted Date: 19/04/2018 (Thursday)
Lord Baron Naseby, a member of the British House of Lords, met with President Maithripala Sirisena in London, yesterday (18). Lord Baron Naseby appreciating the development programme conducted by Sri Lanka ensured to provide fullest assistance as a true ally of Sri Lanka. Thus the Baron, who appreciated the programme of reconciliation said that the duty done by Sri Lanka in the post war era is in quite a good standard compared to other countries.
News: Time ripe for growth in Iran-Sri Lanka ties: Larijani
Posted Date: 19/04/2018 (Thursday)
Ali Larijani, the Iranian Parliament Speaker, told the media, on Wednesday upon arriving in Sri Lanka, that Iran and Sri Lanka should increase their trade interactions and develop political and trade ties. “Iran has always have had good relations with Sri Lank in areas of trade and politics, although with tides and ebbs but it has always been in place,” said the Speaker of Iranian Parliament Ali Larijani on Wednesday upon arriving in Sri Lanka while addressing the news reporters and journalists. Mr. Larijani along with a 36-strong delegation arrived in Sri Lankan capital city of Colombo on Wednesday at 7.10 pm local time and was officially welcomed at the Bandaranaike
News: 'Political instability is advantageous to JO'
Posted Date: 19/04/2018 (Thursday)
United Peoples Freedom Alliance Parliamentarian Keheliya Rambukwella says the prevailing political instability is advantageous to the Joint Opposition. Speaking to media in Kandy the MP said more MP’s are expected to cross over to the opposition. The MP stated that today 16 SLFP members crossed over and another 10 are to cross over as well.
News: Efforts to tackle Commonwealth trafficking gets UK aid boost
Posted Date: 19/04/2018 (Thursday)
Commonwealth countries are to increase efforts to stamp out human trafficking and child exploitation. The UK has committed a further £5.5m of aid towards these goals to coincide with this week’s Commonwealth heads of government meeting in London. Under the ‘call to action to end forced labour, modern slavery and human trafficking’, United National specialists determine where child labour is taking place, and so where work should be directed to stop this including by taking action against businesses and supply chains.
News: Inside China's US$1 billion port in Sri Lanka where ships don't want to stop
Posted Date: 19/04/2018 (Thursday)
Each year roughly 60,000 ships vital to the global economy sail through the Indian Ocean past a Chinese-operated port on the southern tip of Sri Lanka. Almost none of them stop to unload cargo. The eight-year-old Hambantota port - with almost no container traffic and trampled fences that elephants traverse with ease - has become a prime example of what can go wrong for countries involved in President Xi Jinping's Belt and Road trade and infrastructure initiative. Sri Lanka borrowed heavily to build the port, couldn't repay the loans, and then gave China a 99-year lease for debt relief.
Events: கண்டனப் பேரணி
Posted Date: 19/04/2018 (Thursday)
Malborough House, Pall Mall London SW1Y 5HX
News: Maithri and Mahinda will get together - Dayasiri
Posted Date: 18/04/2018 (Wednesday)
Former Minister of Sports Dayasiri Jayasekera says if the Government of Good Governance continues to work like this it will not be able to stop Mahinda Rajapaksa from coming to power again. Excerpts of the interview: It is said that the defeat of the no-confidence motion brought against the Prime Minister ruined the Joint Opposition as well as the SLFP faction?
News: U.S. places conditions on aid to Sri Lanka
Posted Date: 18/04/2018 (Wednesday)
The United States government’s bilateral economic assistance to Sri Lanka is conditional on certain transitional justice mechanisms being established, according to the U.S. spending bill passed last month. In an explanatory statement attached to the spending bill, Congress said that the USD 35 million would be allocated to Sri Lanka “provided, that such funds shall be made available for programmes to assist in the identification and resolution of cases of missing persons.” The bill says that the money will only be made available to the government of Sri Lanka if the U.S. Secretary of State certifies that it is following certain transitional justice mechanisms.
News: Will announce future steps when President returns- PM
Posted Date: 18/04/2018 (Wednesday)
Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe says the governments future steps will be announced once President Maithripala Sirisena returns to the country from the UK. The Prime Minister said the Mahanayaka Thera were informed of the future plans today. The Premier stated during the last year the government faced several crises, including natural disasters. Premier Wickremesinghe expressed his views after calling on the Chief Prelates and paying homage at the Temple of the Tooth Relic this morning.
News: A ‘No-Confidence Motion’, Or What It Means To Have ‘No Faith’
Posted Date: 18/04/2018 (Wednesday)
Hot on the heels of the ‘no-confidence’, or ‘no-faith’ motion against Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe last month, the ‘Joint Opposition’ (JO), the largest opposition group in Parliament, is in talks to bring a no-confidence motion against Opposition leader and Tamil National Alliance (TNA) chief Rajavarothiam Sampanthan, on charges he sided with the government during the no-confidence motion brought against the Prime Minister. The JO is of the opinion that as the leader of the Opposition in the government, Sampanthan is duty bound to vote against the government. A final decision on if it would bring a no-confidence motion would be made after Parliament reconvenes on May 8, having been prorogued by the President on April 13. Meanwhile, Sampanthan made it clear in Trincomalee this week, he was prepared to face any no-confidence motion.
News: If Constitution process stalled, Sampanthan’s Opp. leadership meaningless: Mano
Posted Date: 18/04/2018 (Wednesday)
If new Constitution process was stalled permanently, Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP R. Sampanthan’s holding of Opposition leader’s post would be meaningless, Minister Mano Ganesan said today. He said in a tweet that the issue between the United National Party (UNP) and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) had put the Constitutional process to back seat. “Not the issue of the UNP and the SLFP but the new constitution as solution to national issue topped Sampanthan’s priority list. If new Constitution process is stalled permanently,
News: Sri Lankan apparel stands to gain from US-China trade spat
Posted Date: 18/04/2018 (Wednesday)
The apparel industry, which is Sri Lanka’s leading export revenue earner, is set to gain fresh impetus from the U.S. market in the coming months, as American garment importers look for producers outside China due to the increasing threat of a trade war between the two economic giants. “Because of the U.S.-China trade war, some of the U.S. apparel importers who were sourcing their products from China are coming to Sri Lanka,” Sri Lanka Apparel Exporters Association President Felix Fernando told Mirror Business.
News: Lord Buddha’s relics from MSU won’t go to Sri Lanka
Posted Date: 18/04/2018 (Wednesday)
Vadodara: The relics of Lord Buddha will not be transported to Sri Lanka. The National Museum, part of the Ministry of Culture of Government of India, had last month approached M S University, seeking the relics as a temporary loan from the university. The museum had in turn received a request from the Government of Sri Lanka which had sought the relics that were to be kept in display for people to pay veneration on the occasion of Buddha Purnima on April 30 and a few days later in Sri Lanka. But sources suggest that the idea of transporting the priceless antiquity has now been dropped
News: Inequality and the Political Crisis
Posted Date: 17/04/2018 (Tuesday)
The fallout of the local government elections continues as a political crisis. The anti-Muslim violence, the no-confidence motion and its defeat are the latest manifestations of a government that is finding it hard to govern. Amid the manoeuvring of political forces and the blame game within the Government, there is also a slow recognition of the economic problems that led to the anti-government vote in February. In the North, a similar anti-incumbent vote against the TNA, has fractured the Tamil electorate, and is also slowly
News: “India Will Be There Whenever You Need Us” (If You Do Things Our Way)
Posted Date: 16/04/2018 (Monday)
Indian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, Taranjit Singh Sandhu recently delivered the 14th Annual Sujatha Jayawardena Memorial Oration at the invitation of the Alumni Association of the University of Colombo. His oration stressed on the current status of Indo-Sri Lankan relations based on India’s regional policy of ‘Sabika Sath Sabka Vikas’ or ‘Progressing and ‘Neighborhood First.’ Three areas as in relations between the two countries (3 Bs); the Buddhist connection (a pet theory of most visiting Indian dignitaries), Broad friendship between the two nations and Blend of Indian assistance in sync with Sri Lanka’s needs.
News: The struggle goes on...
Posted Date: 16/04/2018 (Monday)
The only certainty in their lives was uncertainty – not knowing how long they will live – as they fought someone else’s war for almost 30 years willingly or otherwise. Nine years after the end of the so-called Eelam war between the LTTE and Sri Lankan armed forces, while many things in the country have changed, from infarastructure to a comparatively peaceful environment sans bomb attacks, one thing remains unchanged for them. Once again they live in uncertainty – uncertainty for how long they will survive. It is this insecurity and fear of survival that may have led Emmanuel (44) to do something which he would have never imagined of doing even in his worst nightmare some 30 years
News: Lack of professional diversity in politics
Posted Date: 16/04/2018 (Monday)
Today’s politics is more about selling your ideas than arguing them. A profession that was once aspired and reserved by lawyers and attorneys have now switched sides into business. An informal study done by a group of journalists into the professions of Sri Lankan Members of Parliament (MP) revealed that the majority of parliamentarians have identified themselves as businessmen. This study however, had its limitations as not all MPs have revealed their professions in their applications.

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