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Photos: How disputes over numbers can distort truth Controversy over Vanni death toll:
Posted Date: 27/12/2017 (Wednesday)
News: Local Government election dynamics in the North and East
Posted Date: 26/12/2017 (Tuesday)
Despite the year end holiday season, the political focus is on the upcoming local government elections scheduled for February 10th next year. With nominations closing by end December, January will witness the campaigning by the candidates and the political parties for the sovereign Sri Lankan people’s vote. The election has clear ramifications beyond the local bodies, as nationally there is a redrawing of political lines as the government and opposition factions of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP), led by President Sirisena and by former President Rajapakse contest the elections separately for the first time.
News: Sri Lanka President hints at ditching UNP-dominated govt
Posted Date: 26/12/2017 (Tuesday)
President Maithripala Sirisena, who is at loggerheads with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe's United National Party (UNP), has strongly hinted at a possible split of their coalition mid-way of its five-year term. The President told his Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) loyalists that he has decided to carry out the "second stage" of his daring political bravery of defecting from the then strongman president Mahinda Rajapaksa’s government in November 2014. A rank outsider, Sirisena quit his Health ministry portfolio and challenged his former boss at the snap presidential election of January 2015. He won spectacularly with the support of a UNP-led rainbow
News: Who will protect us?
Posted Date: 26/12/2017 (Tuesday)
We are held hostage to a group of greedy politicians and corrupt businessmen willing to sacrifice our health and our heritage to the purveyors of energy addiction. It is universally accepted that Coal is one of the most toxic sources of power and contributes volumes of climate changing Carbon Dioxide gas. On all International Platforms the dangers of using Coal for energy generation has been made patently clear. The negative impact of of Coal on human health, to biodiversity and to
News: Educational assistance to school children in the East
Posted Date: 26/12/2017 (Tuesday)
A group deserving children from low income families, in Malvila, Sandunpitiya and Namalgama areas in and around Welikanda and Vakarai were provided with school accessories and educational instruments during a programme facilitated by Sri Lanka Army troops in the East, recently. Gift packs were presented to 150 school children in the region under this initiative. The Buddhist Society of the People's Bank had sponsored the donation.
News: Two-minute silence to be observed tomorrow
Posted Date: 26/12/2017 (Tuesday)
The Disaster Management Centre says commemoration events have been organized across the country in line with the National Safety Day. Sri Lanka will celebrate the National Safety Day tomorrow, which has been commemorated for ten years continuously since 2006, on the anniversary of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. The 9.0 magnitude earthquake killed nearly 230 thousand people with Sri Lanka suffering over 35 thousand deaths. The Tsunami which battered Sri Lanka in 2004 had a catastrophic impact on the southern, western, eastern and Northern provinces of the country.
News: Commander of the Navy visits Indian Navy’s Southern Naval Command in Kochi
Posted Date: 26/12/2017 (Tuesday)
The Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Sirimevan Ranasinghe visited the Indian Navy’s Southern Naval Command in Kochi from 20 to 23 December, as part of his official four-day-tour to India to attend the Silver Jubilee Seminar on Operational Sea Training and Safety On board. The Navy Commander was accompanied by the Captain Sea Training and the Principal of Merchant Marine Training School, Captain Pradeep Rathnayake who also delivered an informative speech on the Sea Training of the Sri Lanka Navy.
News: Two schoolboys drowned attempting to take selfie in river in northern Sri Lanka
Posted Date: 26/12/2017 (Tuesday)
Two schoolboys were drowned in a river on Monday in the area called Puthukuduiruppu in northern Sri Lanka when they tried to take a selfie in the river, the local police said on Monday. The police told Xinhua that seven schoolboys had reached the river for a picnic bath. Two of them, aged 17, got into the middle of the river to take a selfie.
News: Sri Lanka the latest victim of China’s debt-trap diplomacy Beijing has been given a 99-year lease on Hambantota port as part of a debt-reduction deal, amid talk of creditor imperialism following China's buy-up of strategic ports in
Posted Date: 26/12/2017 (Tuesday)
This month, Sri Lanka, unable to pay the onerous debt to China it has accumulated, formally handed over its strategically located Hambantota port to the Asian giant. It was a major acquisition for China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) – which President Xi Jinping calls the “project of the century” – and proof of just how effective China’s debt-trap diplomacy can be. Unlike International Monetary Fund and World Bank lending, Chinese loans are collateralized by strategically important natural assets with high long-term value (even if they lack short-term commercial viability). Hambantota, for example, straddles Indian Ocean trade routes linking Europe, Africa, and the Middle East to Asia. In exchange for financing and
News: Dhinakaran meets Lankan Tamil leader
Posted Date: 26/12/2017 (Tuesday)
On the eve of his R.K. Nagar byelection victory, T.T.V. Dhinakaran had a chance meeting with Sri Lankan Tamil leader M.A. Sumanthiran, when he enquired about the current situation of Sri Lankan Tamils in the island’s war-battered north and east. The Tamil politicians from either side of the Palk Bay met in Kanyakumari on Friday, ahead of the ‘Arumanai Christmas Vizha’, an annual celebration held in the southern district that has a near-50 per cent Christian population.
News: Russia lifts restrictions on Lankan tea supplies Following suspension of ban on asbestos
Posted Date: 26/12/2017 (Tuesday)
Following Sri Lanka’s decision to suspend its ban on asbestos, Russia yesterday decided to lift its restrictions on tea imports from here from December 30 Sri Lankan Ambassador in Moscow Dr. Saman Weerasinghe told The Island that Russian authorities had conveyed their decision to a Sri Lankan delegation during a discussion in Moscow yesterday. Russia placed temporary restrictions on imports of tea and all other agricultural products from Sri Lanka from Dec. 18 after a Khapra beetle was found in a tea consignment sent from
News: UN Resolution:US bullying didn’t deter Sri Lanka
Posted Date: 26/12/2017 (Tuesday)
Will Sri Lanka joining 127 other countries in supporting the UN Resolution against America’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli Capital, in the General Assembly Emergency Session’s vote on 21 December 2017 be a real test of her foreign policy in the wake of new power politics in the world as practised by the US? President Trump threatened to cut off US financial aid to those countries which voted in favour of the resolution, but
Photos: Wiggie Blasts Dilan Over NPC Expenditure
Posted Date: 26/12/2017 (Tuesday)
Photos: Mahinda and Namal visit Sampanthan at hospital
Posted Date: 26/12/2017 (Tuesday)
Events: ஊடறுவும் மும்பை பெண்களும் இணைந்து நடாத்தும் பெண்ணிலைச் சந்திப்பும் பெண்ணிய உரையாடலும்
Posted Date: 26/12/2017 (Tuesday)
திருவள்ளுவர் அரங்கம் , மும்பை 400 078
News: High-tech cheating still rampant at exams
Posted Date: 25/12/2017 (Monday)
In reference to the recent incident reported at this year’s Ordinary Level examination where two students were caught by the supervisor for using mobile phones during the Examinations, Chairman, National Education Commission (NEC), Prof. Lakshman Jayathilake spoke to the Sunday Observer on how to prevent students from using the technology in a negative way. He said, though mobile phones are strictly banned at examination centres, students still take their mobiles with them.
News: My Christmas wish for Sinhala Buddhists
Posted Date: 25/12/2017 (Monday)
• This Christmas though very much late by generations nevertheless would be ideal for Sinhala Buddhists to join in and enjoy with a determined resolution to work towards an alternative approach that can lift their lives out of misery and poverty • They are all-inclusive innocent mindsets that should be promoted and nurtured Last weekend I read somewhere, the MEP that’s in tow with the flower bud (Pohottuwa) Party with Rajapaksa at its helm, has lost one of their strongest Urban Councils with nominations for the Maharagama UC among few others getting rejected.
News: Are we ready to celebrate Christmas as a time for Peace and Reconciliation ?
Posted Date: 25/12/2017 (Monday)
Christmas is universally celebrated as a festival of Peace. In fact, it is the birth anniversary commemoration of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace. With the gift of Peace that He alone can give, he had brought to us with his historical birth, the blessings of unity and reconciliation, freedom from all bondage and liberation from all forms of slavery. Freedom and Joy are blessings that mankind had always been hungering for and sought in a manner that is ardent and relentless. In fact, one of the most unfortunate things today is that despite our highly advanced scientific achievement and unbelievable technological feats, we keep failing in the all important task and duty of uniting nations and binding the hearts in close rapport.
News: Reserves Down $65.13M
Posted Date: 25/12/2017 (Monday)
The country's foreign reserves were poorer by US$ 65.13 million (Rs 9,968 million) on Friday (22 December) due to settlement of a swap maturity and/or meeting Govern-ment of Sri Lanka's (GoSL's) foreign debt servicing commitments. Conversions are based on the closing value of the benchmark 'spot' as at Wednesday (20 December) which was Rs 153.05 to the US dollar. Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL)/GoSL has given a recent undertaking to the IMF to wind down their swap liabilities.
News: Sri Lanka will stand by Palestine – Rajitha
Posted Date: 25/12/2017 (Monday)
The Sri Lanka Palestine Parliamentary Friendship Association (SLPPFA) yesterday held a rally in support of the State of Palestine and opposing moves by US President Donald Trump to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Pledging Sri Lanka’s support to Palestine, SLPPFA President Minister Rajitha Senarante said that the country will always stand by the State, as it had in the past.

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