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Videos: Towards Accountability for International Crimes in Syria
Posted Date: 13/02/2018 (Tuesday)
News: Rajapaksa calls for a general election, says Govt has lost mandate
Posted Date: 12/02/2018 (Monday)
Sri Lanka's former President at a media briefing in Colombo today has called for a snap general elections after the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP)’s victory at the 2018 Local Government elections. Rajapaksa said that the government had lost its mandate to govern and that the people must be given a chance to elect a new parliament. Further Rajapaksa said the SLPP has made a historic victory since not a single political party in Opposition, had defeated the governing party at a local government election.
News: The hour for political maturity - EDITORIAL
Posted Date: 12/02/2018 (Monday)
The people have spoken, as they say. Local Government Elections, like any election, are a test of the regime’s popularity. Well, the people have delivered their verdict: Not up to mark by a big margin! A close look at the overall results and comparison with previous Local Government election as well as with the last Parliamentary and Presidential elections will no doubt lend towards a more nuanced reading of trends. As of now what is clear is that people have expressed a massive vote of no-confidence on the UNP-SLFP Coalition Government. It should be a sobering outcome even though it wasn’t possible to think that the coalition arrangement would be rosy, given the history of antagonism.
News: Bid to introduce new Constitution suffers irrevocable setback - SLPP
Posted Date: 12/02/2018 (Monday)
Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna Chairman and top Joint Opposition spokesman Prof. G.L. Peiris yesterday said that in the wake of the heavy defeat suffered by the ruling coalition at the first countrywide election since 2015 presidential and parliamentary polls, the Sirisena-Wickremesinghe regime could no longer rush through with the controversial constitution making process as planned. The former External Affairs Minister said the government lacked the wherewithal to sustain that grandiose project. The SLPP Chairman said so in response to a query by The Island at a media conference at Battaramulla Nelum Mawatha Office of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa.
News: PM to form UNP Govt.
Posted Date: 12/02/2018 (Monday)
Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe obtained the consent of President Maithripala Sirisena to form a UNP government in place of the current unity government between the United National Party (UNP) and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP), a source close to the UNP said today. The Prime Minister met the President in the wake of the February 10 local council elections which saw the defeat of both the UNP and the SLFP. Sources close to the Prime Minister told Daily Mirror that the President had informed Prime Minister Wickremesinghe to form a government if he could muster a majority in the House.
News: President Under Pressure To Give Up SLFP Leadership: But MR Doesn't Want It: President's Fate Uncertain
Posted Date: 12/02/2018 (Monday)
President Maithripala Sirisena, who led a disastrous election campaign at the Local Government polls, has now come under pressure to step down from the SLFP leadership. While some of the SLFP ministers representing the Cabinet negotiating with the UNP, some are holding talks with the Joint Opposition to work together in Parliament. Some party seniors who threw their weight behind President Sirisena have suggested that the SLFP should leave the government and sit in the opposition. If that happens, political sources said, they would only form a small independent group in Parliament without any ability to influence important policy decisions
News: Initial Crossover Talks Fruitful: PM To Show Majority In House: All Set For A United National Front Government
Posted Date: 12/02/2018 (Monday)
The discussions to form a United National Front government, with the support of over 10 SLFP Cabinet ministers, are successful, our sources within the Temple Trees conformed. The defection of SLFP ministers to the United National Party will allow Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to show a simple majority in the House. "The initial discussions have been successful. They have agreed to join the United National Front, led by the UNP," a highly placed UNP source said. It is learnt, however, that some SLFP members will sit in the opposition and align themselves with the Joint Opposition.
News: LG Election was a wake up call- Mangala
Posted Date: 12/02/2018 (Monday)
Minister of Finance and Mass Media Mangala Samaraweera says the 2018 Local Authority Election is a timely wake up call for the good governance government. Issuing a statement Minister Samaraweera said the public has communicated that the good governance government has not done enough to ensure election promises made during the 2015 Presidential and General Elections. The Minister stressed the message issued by the public has sunk deep into the United National Party and therefore the party is committed to take drastic measures to fulfil the promises made three years ago and to maintain the public trust.
News: Several SLFP Ministers Start Talks With UNP While Some Plan To Sit In Opposition: SLFP Heading Towards Natural Death?
Posted Date: 12/02/2018 (Monday)
Several Cabinet Ministers representing the SLFP have expressed willingness to join the UNP, sources within the UNP confirmed, a short while ago. This comes in the wake of a landslide defeat suffered by the SLFP at the Local Government polls. It is learnt that these Ministers are not willing to join the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramun, mainly due to personal reasons. "They have opened up channels of communication. Some of them were previously in the UNP. So, they can come back to the UNP at any time," a senior party spokesman said.
News: Book Review: The Vavuniya Diaries By Neville Jayaweera
Posted Date: 12/02/2018 (Monday)
This slim memoir spanning a few months in 1971 is noteworthy for its insider view on the failed first insurrection of the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP—Peoples Liberation Front), or more exactly its repression somewhere remote from Colombo and the southwest, by a principal participant. The author was then Government Agent, that is the top-most administrative official, in undivided Vavuniya (before Mullaithivu had been carved from it).
News: One On One Meeting Between President And PM Today: Discussions To Seize Power In Many LG Bodies As United Front
Posted Date: 12/02/2018 (Monday)
One of one meeting between President Maithripala Sirisena and Ranil Wickremesinghe is scheduled to take place today, informed political sources said. the meeting comes in the wake of the defeat suffered by the ruling alliance at the Local Government election. The discussion is aimed at striking an agreement between the two main parties to seize power in a number of Local Government bodies as a united political force.
Photos: SLPP gains majority LG bodies
Posted Date: 12/02/2018 (Monday)
News: SLPP sweeps wards in South; North goes to ITAK
Posted Date: 11/02/2018 (Sunday)
But coalition among opposition parties can tilt balance in councils UNP comes second, leading in Colombo count, Sirisena’s UPFA comes a distant third The recently formed Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) led by former President Mahinda Rajapaksa seems to have swept a majority of the local government wards in the south at yesterday’s countrywide polls, according to early results that began trickling in late last night.
News: Fighting for migrant workers
Posted Date: 11/02/2018 (Sunday)
Missing, or rather, not enough attention has been given to the rights of female migrant workers and their status in society in the just-concluded election campaign for local authorities. Our attention was drawn to this one morning when Kussi Amma Sera, preparing the morning cup of tea, said: “Mahattaya, apey pitarata rassawata yana lamei gena kisi kathawak nehe me chande kaale?” “Eh,” I asked but before waiting for a long, drawn response during a busy week, moved to my computer since this thought, in fact, had occurred to me, too.
News: Key SLFP members expected to resign, MR opens his doors
Posted Date: 11/02/2018 (Sunday)
Key Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) members are expected to resign from the Government in the wake of the thumping defeat at the Local Government elections. SLFP sources said that once the final results are officially announced the SLFP members will indicate their intention to resign from the Government. Sources said that at least seven SLFP members have now indicated they will step down from their Ministerial positions
News: Rajapaksa faction beckons Sri Lanka Freedom Party members; says govt mandate ended
Posted Date: 11/02/2018 (Sunday)
A 56 -member faction of Sri Lanka Freedom Party supporting ex-President Mahinda Rajapaksa has made overtures to government members to join them to form an administration, after a new party backed by them swept local bodies at Saturday's polls. "We are asking the members of the SLFP who are supporting the government to think seriously about their political future," Ratnapura Parliamentarian Pavithra Wanniarachchi said. Sri Lanka Poduja Peramuma has won a landslide in yesterday's local election though official results are yet declared. Wannirarachchi said out of 340 local the SLPP was confident of having a majority on their own in at least 243.
News: Sri Lanka ruling alliance suffers defeat in local polls
Posted Date: 11/02/2018 (Sunday)
Sri Lanka's ruling coalition is on course to suffer a shocking defeat in local elections as the party backed by former President Mahinda Rajapaksa is set to register a landslide victory. At 1:30pm local time (19:00 GMT), with most results in, the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) had won 44.05 percent of the vote. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe's United National Party (UNP) garnered 31.65 percent while the President Maithripala Sirisena's Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) came a distant third with 9.52 percent of the vote.
News: Japanese Academic: Sri Lanka needs a good balancing act
Posted Date: 11/02/2018 (Sunday)
Sri Lanka, strategically positioned in the Indian Ocean, is well in the spheres of attention of the world powers.China, on the one hand, has linked up with Sri Lanka for Strategic Partnership Cooperation. Envisaged here is the collaboration for China’s Belt and Road Initiative that seeks to enhance greater connectivity with the rest of the world. Against the backdrop, there is the emerging ally of the United States, India, Japan and other Western countries to counterbalance power over the world’s crucial sea lanes that bestride Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean region.
Photos: Sri Lanka’s ruling coalition in deep crisis after shock defeat
Posted Date: 11/02/2018 (Sunday)
News: Diaspora Tamils urge British government to shame and sack “slit throat” Sri Lanka diplomat
Posted Date: 10/02/2018 (Saturday)
Angered by a public death threat against Tamil demonstrators in London, Eelamist diaspora groups in a rare display of solidarity have urged the British government to strip Sri Lanka’s military attaché in the United Kingdom of his diplomatic status and declare him a “Persona non Grata”. Leading Tamil diaspora organisations spurred into action by Minister Councillor (Defence) Aandige Priyanka Indunil Fernando gesturing thrice to slit the throats of demonstrators in London who opposed the Sri Lanka government celebrating 70 years of independence while Tamils in the island were persecuted, have petitioned the British government on the 9th of February. In the detailed despatch to Home Secretary Amber Rudd and Secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs Boris Johnson the organisations have requested the British government to “declare the Sri Lankan Military Attaché Brigadier Priyanka Fernando a Persona non Grata for committing a serious offence under British law, abusing diplomatic immunity in the UK and committing war crimes and crimes against humanity in Sri Lanka and therefore, to curtail his leave to remain in the UK.”

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