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News: How Rajapaksaism destroyed the SLFP
Posted Date: 21/12/2017 (Thursday)
There was no Machiavellian nuanced statecraft. There was no Dudley Senanayakian transparency and honesty. There was no Jayewardenesque stoicism. There was not even lofty but empty rhetoric of the likes of SWRD Bandaranaike. There was no veiled brilliance of a shrewd leader; only undisguised greed for power and unremarkable exercise of it was visible and this unkind spectacle was being witnessed by a wretched citizenry of a nation tired of waiting for the manifestation of a messiah.
News: The corrupt quartet in Washington Forum: Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Tunisia and Ukraine
Posted Date: 21/12/2017 (Thursday)
The media took time to report on the inaugural meeting of the Global Forum on Asset Recovery (GFAR) held over three days last week (December 4 to 6), at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington. There was no advance media coverage of the Washington gathering and even the government would appear to have kept mum about its participation in it. The Global Forum was hosted by the governments of the United States and the United Kingdom with support from the World Bank’s Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative (SARI). Its sole purpose is to help four countries – Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Tunisia and Ukraine – to recover their public assets stolen due to government corruption.
News: Plain-speaking Donald Trump welcome
Posted Date: 21/12/2017 (Thursday)
US President Donald Trump has been rather effusive in his praise of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi calling him a great leader. Now, in his first National Security Strategy, unveiled on Monday, Trump has described India as a “leading global power”. This is a huge improvement on President Barack Obama’s last NSS document which had called India a “regional provider of security”, and, prior to that, on the 2010 NSS, which had termed India one of the “21st century centers of influence.” In other words, under Modi, the American perception of India has undergone a vast change for the better.
News: In rallies and fiery speeches, the former lawyer had called for land for landless Dalits and led them in a pledge to boycott dirty, menial jobs such as cleaning toilets
Posted Date: 21/12/2017 (Thursday)
The victory of a Dalit activist in elections in India's Gujarat state is a boost to efforts to secure land for the lower caste community and free them from the dirty jobs traditionally thrust upon them, campaigners said. Jignesh Mevani, 36, won by more than 19,000 votes over his rival from the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party in Vadgam in north Gujarat, state officials said Monday. Mevani contested elections for the first time, standing as an independent candidate just over a
Events: EEP-Christmas Party
Posted Date: 21/12/2017 (Thursday)
Shiraz Mirza community hall, 76A Coombe Road, Norbiton, Kingston Upon Thames, KT2 7AZ.
Videos: TIC - HUMAN RIGHTS AWARD 2017 Ms Shreem Abdul Saroo
Posted Date: 21/12/2017 (Thursday)
Videos: Documantry Film By Visahan . Tamils And China In History
Posted Date: 21/12/2017 (Thursday)
News: Security sector reforms in Sri Lanka Reorientation, not reduction is key-Part II
Posted Date: 20/12/2017 (Wednesday)
Last week we discussed the security sector reforms carried out by the Mahinda Rajapaksa administration and the reasons why he didn't and could not reduce the size of the Security Forces as requested by the international community, as well as some sections of the civil society. We established that a sudden reduction of the Security Forces would not have been feasible economically, socially or politically.
News: Army releases more land in Mullaitivu
Posted Date: 20/12/2017 (Wednesday)
Mullaitivu District Secretary Rupavathy Ketheeswaran has announced that 158 acres of land area which has been released from the possession of Army would be handed over to the legitimate owners on 28 December. According to Ketheeswaran, Army has handed over 158 acres of land cleared of mines to her, to be returned to the rightful owners.
News: Tamil Information Centre (TIC)- A Report on International Human Rights Day – 2017 Celebration
Posted Date: 20/12/2017 (Wednesday)
The International Human Rights Day – the anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) by the United Nations in 1948 - is observed every year on 10 December. The UDHR sets out universal values and the fundamental human rights for all peoples of all nations. The Tamil Information Centre (TIC) celebrated the 2017 Human Rights Day on Sunday, 10th December at the Thomas Wall Centre on Benhill Avenue, Sutton, Surrey SM1.
News: Delimitation Report due in January
Posted Date: 20/12/2017 (Wednesday)
The Delimitation Committee is presently analyzing more than 500 submissions and hopes to submit the final report, by the end of January 2018, to the Minister of Provincial Councils and Local Government, Chairman of the Committee Dr. K. Thavalingam said. Speaking to Ceylon Today, he noted that the Committee had visited all 25 districts and the functions pertaining to delimitation will conclude by 4 February 2018.
Videos: ஈழத்தமிழர்கள் பிரச்சனைக்கு தீர்வு என்ன ?
Posted Date: 20/12/2017 (Wednesday)
News: No interference in Judiciary- CJ
Posted Date: 19/12/2017 (Tuesday)
Chief Justice Priyasad Dep emphatically stated that the country’s Judiciary is running independently without any interference. He further said due to this situation, the country could be pleased with the existing supremacy of the law as well as the independence of the judiciary. The Chief Justice made these observations yesterday addressing the annual assembly of the Judicial Service Association at the Galadari Hotel in Colombo.
News: Those detained by the security forces UK MPs urge Govt to release list
Posted Date: 19/12/2017 (Tuesday)
British Parliamentarians of the All Parliamentary Group of Tamils have called upon President Maithripala Sirisena to release the list of all those who surrendered or were...... detained by the security forces. In support of the conclusion of the 300 days of demonstration staged by families of the disappeared persons, Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils, Paul Scully, has pointed out that it is a milestone which speaks to the immense bravery and courage of the families, who have continued their struggle despite the challenges of old-age, exposure to the elements and routine intimidation.
News: Vanni death toll: Shocking discrepancy in UN reports Any harm in Sri Lanka seeking reappraisal of Geneva Resolution?
Posted Date: 19/12/2017 (Tuesday)
Lord Naseby recently took up Geneva Resolution 30/1(Promoting reconciliation, accountability and human rights in Sri Lanka) with the UNSG Antonio Guterres as Sri Lanka struggled to cope up with the Oct 12, 2017, revelations in the House of Lords, pertaining to the war against the LTTE. The combined armed forces brought the war to a successful conclusion on the morning of May 19, 2009.
News: Govt has no foreign policy - Namal
Posted Date: 18/12/2017 (Monday)
United People's Freedom Alliance (UPFA) Parliamentarian Namal Rajapaksa, with reference to the Russian embargo on tea, stated that the Government has adopted a skewed foreign policy contrary to its claim that it would adopt a non-aligned foreign policy. He added: "We do not have a clear foreign policy. If you look at the last three years, we have had three Foreign Ministers. Three of them have different views on foreign policy. We have always believed that we have a non-aligned foreign policy; however we have been following
News: Was accession an unwise move? Convention against Torture:
Posted Date: 18/12/2017 (Monday)
Distinguished Columnist Chandraprema has, in his article in The Island Features Column of 15th December 2017, highlighted the folly of the Sri Lankan government acceding to the Optional Protocol of the U. N. Convention against Torture. With this action which took place at the end of November and early December 2017, one may then ask if the government has virtually signed the country’s death warrant. Laudable as the objectives of the Optional Protocol are in preventing torture in a member state to the Protocol, the columnist observes that the government has, through its hasty action [taken after the lapse of 18 years], given foreign powers the opportunity to intervene directly
News: There are times I am not convinced with CC decisions: President
Posted Date: 18/12/2017 (Monday)
President Maithripala Sirisena said that there were times when he was not convinced with some decisions taken by the Constitutional Council regarding names sent for the appointments of top posts. While stressing that he was not going to make any further comment on the matter before all the media cameras, as he did not wish to create a Constitutional clash the following morning.
Photos: The Port City Project: Where Things Stand Now
Posted Date: 18/12/2017 (Monday)
News: New Land Draft BiLL Political wrangling hinders ironing out complex land issues
Posted Date: 17/12/2017 (Sunday)
The effort made by the Government to simplify complex land related rules and regulations that has been the bane over the years, so as to enable people the ease of tackling these issues has been opposed by the country's ground reality. It becomes clear that society has been unable to absorb new concepts in connection with land ownership which exist in Sri Lanka regarding many other matters, when inquiring into the objections targeting this attempt made by the government to prepare a new national land Act.

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