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News: Sri Lankan Born ‘Container King’ Ian Kiru Karan Becomes German Minister
Posted Date: 07/06/2018 (Thursday)
From rags to riches: BILD.de documents the progress of Hamburg’s flagship entrepreneur, Ian Karan Kiru’s career, as he becomes Hamburg’s Economic Senator. Ian Kiru Karan who was born in Point Pedro in 1939, moved to Germany in 1970 after studying in the United Kingdom — where he went on to build one of the world’s biggest container leasing companies in Hamburg. He was recently sworn in as Senator for Economic Affairs in Hamburg.
News: Seven Questions to Consider When Promoting Gender Justice in Sri Lanka
Posted Date: 07/06/2018 (Thursday)
In October 2016, The Asia Foundation’s Sri Lanka office began a project to make that country’s formal justice system more responsive to victims of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV). Seventeen months later, and after five decades of working with security and justice institutions and promoting women’s rights in Sri Lanka, here are our insights on working with the formal justice sector in a South Asian context. SGBV against women and girls is a hidden issue in Sri Lanka—only a fraction of incidents are officially reported—but anecdotal evidence and media reports suggest rising rates of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and rape, including statutory and gang rape, around the
Posted Date: 07/06/2018 (Thursday)
1 Tadlow, Washington Road, Kingston KT1 3JL (near the Cambridge Road Estate)
Events: A photographic exhibition by Sabes Sugunasabesan and Anna Laine.
Posted Date: 07/06/2018 (Thursday)
5th Base Gallery, 23 Henege Street, London E1 5LJ.
News: MS and the 100-day-programme
Posted Date: 06/06/2018 (Wednesday)
Who would have thought President Maithripala Sirisena was not in agreement with the 100-day-programme marketed by those who toiled to see him as the President following the 2015 election? This has been the case, according to the President himself, who broke the news last week. President Sirisena dumbfounded the entire country, perhaps including his family members, at a function held last Wednesday at the Sri Lanka Foundation to commemorate the 76th birth anniversary of the late Ven. Maduluwawe Sobitha Thera, when he questioned as to who compiled the 100-day-programme. He said with only 47 UNP MPs in Parliament, a programme
News: Promise of ‘15 Presidential Election shattered…
Posted Date: 06/06/2018 (Wednesday)
Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build bridges even when there are no rivers. ~ Nikita Khrushchev We are fast approaching the end of the first term of this Presidency. The lofty ideals expressed so abundantly on the Maithripala Sirisena/UNP platform have come out empty. The looming end result of efforts to establish Yahapalanaya seems not only self-destructive, it looks thoroughly unworthy to a set of politicians, who have been nurtured and nursed by a culture, so steeped in corruption, nepotism and incompetence.
News: Sri Lanka to draft new laws to implement Ottawa Convention
Posted Date: 06/06/2018 (Wednesday)
Sri Lanka is to draft new laws to implement the Ottawa Convention on the prohibition of the use, stockpiling, production and transfer of anti-personnel mines and on their destruction. Cabinet has approved a proposal by the Minister of Justice and Prison Reforms Thalatha Atukorala to advice the Legal Draftsman to drat legislations enabling the provisions of the convention in Sri Lanka. Commonly known as the Ottawa Treaty, the Convention was concluded by the Diplomatic Conference on an International Total Ban on Anti-Personnel Land Mines at Oslo, Norway on 18th September 1997. There are currently 163 State Parties to the Treaty
News: Sri Lanka hires Singapore firm to draw plans for Southern development
Posted Date: 06/06/2018 (Wednesday)
Sri Lanka has hired Singapore government-owned Surbana Jurong for $990,000 to draw up plans for urban development around a Chinese-funded Special Economic Zone that will straddle the Southern districts of Hambantota and Monaragala. The 12,000 acre Sri Lanka-China Logistics and Industrial Zone which will cover the China-controlled Hambantota Port and parts of nearby Monaragala District will be developed by China Harbour Engineering Corporation in three phases. The Chinese-government owned construction giant has hired to Surbana Jurong to design plans for the first two stages which will include housing, schools, community and entertainment infrastructure.
News: Plastic bottles outlawed at FM - Kariyawasam
Posted Date: 06/06/2018 (Wednesday)
Marking the World Environment Day, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs switched to the use of glass bottles for water instead of plastic as their contribution to combat global plastic pollution. Sri Lanka is ranked in the fifth position out of 20 countries identified for dumping polythene and plastic to the oceans. Secretary to the Ministry Prasad Kariyawasam tweeted a recorded video message thus: “Marking the World Environment Day since yesterday (5), the Ministry will be discarding
News: Efforts underway to extradite Mahendran – says Ranil
Posted Date: 06/06/2018 (Wednesday)
Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has said in the Parliament that steps are being taken to bring back Former Governor of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) Arjuna Mahendran to Sri Lanka according to the Extradition Law. Wickremesinghe made this remark while answering a question by Chief Opposition Whip and Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake. Dissanayake queried as to what steps had been taken from the Government’s side to produce Mahendran to the relevant local Court thus far.
News: Thoothukudi Massacre – When State becomes Predator: Bobby Kunhu
Posted Date: 06/06/2018 (Wednesday)
On 22nd May 2018, in what cannot be imagined even in a dictatorial regime, the police in Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu – a South Indian state opened fire to kill, on a group of peaceful protesters marching towards the district administration office demanding denial of permission for expansion and closure of the existing copper smelting plant of Sterlite. Sterlite is a subsidiary of the London based corporation Vedanta, which has been dumping toxic waste all over this town since 1998 resulting in widespread health hazards including increase in reports of cancer. This massacre is unimaginable even in the worst dictatorial regimes, because not only were known national and international legal norms and protocols in crowd/riot control
News: Balancing the Chinese presence in Sri Lanka: India and Japan’s game of the stag hunt
Posted Date: 06/06/2018 (Wednesday)
The rivalry existing between China and India is based on a long historical trajectory dating back to the epoch of the silk route. More recent conflict emerged at a time when both states strived to emerge as nation states after facing colonial encounters for centuries. Nevertheless, the present-day antagonism between the countries mainly arose as a result of the border dispute and later converted into the respective quest of each to be a super power. In the recent past both China and India have emerged as new powers in terms of economy, political stability and military strategy. This newly developed status of both countries has simultaneously fed a mutual suspicion of each other, which is why India keeps a watchful eye on the Chinese influence in South Asia
News: ‘Sri Lanka Goebbeled’- My Article That Never Got Published!
Posted Date: 05/06/2018 (Tuesday)
The following piece was written by me in 2007. This was a time, when the media in Sri Lanka was terrorized to such an extent, that Journalists and Writers needed to be armed with cold courage, to function. All those Editors I sent the following piece to, who never said “No” to any of my articles before and after, refused to publish it in their newspapers, and one warned, “No way Sharmini, this will get us both killed!”
News: The Subversion Of Our Democratic Political Spaces & What It Means For Sri Lanka’s Future
Posted Date: 05/06/2018 (Tuesday)
Since Independence in 1948, Sri Lanka has witnessed three unsuccessful armed struggles. Two of these (1971 and 1987-89) have been confined mainly to the Sinhalese South. The last one in the North and East of Sri Lanka waged an armed campaign for almost 30 years until the Tami Tigers were defeated in 2009. The manner of the Sri Lanka’s state victory created acute political wounds and left unresolved the fundamental problems that gave rise to Tamil militancy. The devastating effects of all three armed campaigns conducted by the state and non-state actors have scarred democratic governance in the country and its commitment to pluralism. These violent struggles have torn apart Sri Lanka’s social fabric and hindered economic wellbeing of its citizens. It has damaged the continuing efforts to create a healthy and pluralistic democracy for our young and fragile nation.
Events: FREE Cancer Research UK Workshop for Carers
Posted Date: 05/06/2018 (Tuesday)
Photos: A Culture of Dependency
Posted Date: 04/06/2018 (Monday)
Videos: தமிழர்களை அழிக்க பிரித்தானியா செய்த உதவிகள்! -வெளிவரும் அதிர்ச்சிகரமான ஆதாரங்கள்
Posted Date: 04/06/2018 (Monday)
News: Omphalos Syndrome
Posted Date: 03/06/2018 (Sunday)
Given the trend of tirades, it is not unreasonable to expect that President Sirisena will wake up one of these days and disclaim everything he did and said in 2015. The change maker is clearly out, though the charlatan arguably never left. The hope around and pegged to him is long gone. There is, short of a miracle, nothing progressive that he was the face of, and championed, when first seeking office that will now come to pass. This includes, above all else, a new constitution. There is an increasing manic tinge, of someone increasingly unhinged, that colours his pronouncements. A video last week of him disavowing any
News: Coalitions of the Evil
Posted Date: 03/06/2018 (Sunday)
Among politically significant developments to have occurred during the past week or so, three stand out. They, not necessarily in the order of their importance, are: (a) Revelations made by MP Dayasiri Jayasekera about business donations to election funds of politicians, (b) the proposed 20th Amendment to the Constitution, and (c) Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s launching of his 2019-2020 election campaign. This essay examines only the first.
Events: Pearl Event: Delayed or Denied? Sri Lankan's failing Transitional Justice Process
Posted Date: 03/06/2018 (Sunday)
Scarborough Civic Centre, Committee Room 1, Canada

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