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Publication: A Tribute to Ketheesh Loganathan - A martyr in the Struggle for Peace-31-03-2007
Posted Date: 22/04/2013 (Monday)
Ketheesh Loganathan was, in the best and positive sense, an idealist. He believed passionately in justice, equality and solidarity of people promoting peace in Sri Lanka. Ketheesh's assassination on 12 August 2006 shocked us all. The Tamil Information Centre strongly condemned that senseless act of violence and hatred, which deprived all of us a remarkable and a visionary leader who loved his people. He was assassinated for believing in a future without bloodshed, a future of tolerance and coexistence. He pursued the path of peace even when it did not bring him popularity. He paid a very high price for his pursuit of peace for all of us.
Publication: A Note on the arrest of Tamils on LTTE charges in Britain on 21 June 2007
Posted Date: 22/04/2013 (Monday)
On 28 February 2001, the British Home Secretary included the LTTE in the list of proscribed organizations under the Terrorism Act 2000. The ban on the LTTE in Britain came into force on 29 March 2001. A proscribed organization or any person affected by the ban may appeal to the Home Secretary for the removal of the ban. If such an appeal is rejected, an application for review may be made to a tribunal known as the Proscribed Organizations Appeal Commission. Appeal on a point of law from the decision of the Commission lies to the Court of Appeal.
Publication: TIC urges the UN Human Rights Council to lend support for an independent Investigation Commission to end climate of impunity in Sri Lanka
Posted Date: 22/04/2013 (Monday)
The desperate situation in Sri Lanka is on the agenda of the Second Session of the newly formed UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) which begins today (18 September 2006). The Council is due to debate the recommendations of the UN Rapporteur on Extra-Judicial Executions.
Events: A Crisis of Legitimacy: The Impeachment of Chief Justice Bandaranayake and the Erosion of the Rule of Law in Sri Lanka
Posted Date: 22/04/2013 (Monday)
Committee Room G, House of Lords, Parliament Square, London SW1A 0PW, United Kingdom
Photos: The crisis in our community
Posted Date: 22/04/2013 (Monday)
Publication: Enduring war & health inequality in Sri Lanka
Posted Date: 22/04/2013 (Monday)
This evidence-based report by the Tamil Information Centre (TIC) analyses, from a human rights and public health perspective, the impact of the violent conflict in Sri Lanka on health, the health system, and relief and reconstruction. In particular it examines the deteriorating health of the population in the conflict zones of the northern and eastern Provinces. This report is the fruit of an extensive literature review and discussions with health professionals and health workers in Sri Lanka and elsewhere.
Publication: Allaipiddy Case Report - July 2006
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
Eight persons including a six-month old infant were killed at Allaipiddy on Kayts Island on 13 May 2006. A short distance away, four other murders were committed on the same night. The Kayts Island is connected to the mainland Jaffna Peninsula by a causeway which is about a quarter mile in length. Kayts and the adjoining islands are controlled by the Sri Lanka Navy which has a heavy presence with a large camp on the beach side of Allaipiddy, several mini camps and sentry points. The interior of the island is a stronghold of the Eelam People's Democratic Party (EPDP), which works in collaboration with the Sri Lankan security forces.
Publication: TIC Welcomes International Body for Human Rights Investigations
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
The Tamil Information Centre (TIC), which has been continually calling for and Independent mechanism to investigate human rights violations in Sri Lanka, welcomes the announcement of President Mahinda Rajapakse on 4 September 2006 that the Sri Lankan government will invite an international commission to probe abductions, disappearances and extrajudicial killings in the island.
Publication: TIC urges the Sri Lankan government to lift restriction on TRO funds
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
The Tamil Information Centre (TIC) is disturbed by the Sri Lankan government decision to freeze the account of Tamils Rehabilitation Organisation (TRO), from 29 August 2006. The TRO is a registered charity in Sri Lanka.
Publication: TIC condemns Targeting Civilians and impunity
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
The Tamil Information Centre (TIC) is extremely concerned that the escalating violence may affect the ceasefire and irretrievably damage the peace process in Sri Lanka. The TIC is shocked that the Sri Lankan government took the decision, following the suicide attack at the Army headquarters in Colombo, to launch air strikes on 26 April 2006 on civilian targets in Trincomalee District.
Publication: TIC condemns abduction of TRO Workers
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
The Tamil Information Centre (TIC) is extremely concerned over the abduction yesterday (30 January 2006) of five staff members of the Tamils Rehabilitation Organization (TRO), who were travelling to Vavuniya from Batticaloa in Sri Lanka. The abduction took place near Welikande, an area under the control of the government security forces. The offence against civilians involved in relief and rehabilitation is a serious development and the TIC believes that this is a crime against humanity.
Publication: The UN Human Rights Council must ensure Sri Lankan State's human rights responsibility and accountability
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
The 27 January 2003 report of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on Continuing Dialogue on the Measures to Promote and Consolidate Democracy, says that the way to build a real participatory democracy is that the system of governance must be characterized by the rule of law in conformity with human rights standards, including the right to development. A strong and independent judiciary is absolutely essential for the protection of basic human rights and, indeed, for the preservation of democracy. States bear ultimate responsibility as guarantors of democracy, human rights and rule of law.
Publication: The UK government must review their position on Sri Lanka
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
The Tamil Information Centre (TIC) has urged the British Home Minister to review UK's position on Sri Lanka and stop all involuntary return of the Tamil asylum seekers in view of the human security concerns and the worsening human rights situation in the island.
Publication: The demise of a leader of the Tamil national struggle
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
It is with profound sadness that we record the death of Anton Stanislaus Balasingham, the political advisor and chief negotiator of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), who passed away in London this afternoon. He suffered from diabetes for many years and was recently diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease and terminal cancer.
Publication: Tamils of Sri Lanka: The quest for human dignity
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
After a four-year ceasefire between the Sri Lankan government and theLiberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), the failure of the governmentto effectively address the substantive political issues such asdevolution that would smooth the way for a peaceful settlement to theconflict, its preoccupation with retaining power and undermining anymeasure that will recognize the rights of the Tamil people, are leadingthe island dangerously close to resumption of war.
Publication: Sri Lanka-Urgent inquiry needed into civilian killings
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
The attack on a bus in Anuradhapura District on 15 June 2006, killing and wounding innocent civilians is a reprehensible crime. In this attack near the town of Kebitigollewa, 64 people are reported killed and over 50 injured. Similar claymore mine attacks have killed civilians in the past in the Kebetigollawe area.
Publication: Sri Lanka-Urgent action needed for protection from abduction and enforced disappearances
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
The Tamil Information Centre (TIC) is distressed by the accounts of ‘disappearances’ it continues to receive. The public security situation in Sri Lanka has deteriorated considerably in recent times with increasing death threats, sinister abductions and disappearances in many parts of the island. Such intimidation by state agencies in the Jaffna peninsula and other areas has led to a heightened sense of fear, frustration and anger.
Publication: Sri Lanka civil society organisations call for investigative mechanism and punishment of perpetrators
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
Several Sri Lankan community and human rights organisations met at the Centre for Human Rights and Development (CHRD) in Colombo on 12 June 2006 and held discussions on the massacre of civilians at Allaipiddi on Kayts Island on 13 May 2006 and the other killings that are continuing unabated.
Publication: Sri Lanka Army Target Jaffna Judge
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
Sri Lankan soldiers attempted to shoot Jaffna Additional Magistrate Srinithi Nanthasekaran in Jaffna on 9 March 2006.
Publication: Saverimuthu Stanislaus- An Appreciation-The death of a dedicated worker and a good friend
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
We are greatly saddened by the death today of Saverimuthu Stanislaus, the Chair of the South London Tamil Welfare Group. The passing away of Mr Stanislaus has deprived the Tamils of a person dedicated to the cause of the refugees and the welfare of the Tamil community in Britain.

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