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Publication: Economic marginalisation of Plantation Tamils
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
The Tamil Information Centre expresses its solidarity with the Hill country plantation workers in their struggle for increase in wages. Throughout the history of the plantations in Sri Lanka, the estate population has been subjected to severe hardship and exploitation, not only through suppression of wages below subsistence levels, but also through discrimination in the provision of shelter, education health facilities and nutrition.
Publication: Callous attack on Dalada Maligawa
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
The Tamil Information Centre (TIC) is deeply disturbed by reports that the oldest and holiest Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka, the Dalada Maligawa in Kandy, which enshrines lord Buddha’s tooth has been attacked and damaged.
Publication: A Step forward for the protection of human Rights
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
The Tamil Information Centre (TIC) welcomes the Colombo High Court judgement in the well-publicised human rights case of the 18-year old school girl, Krishanthy Kumarasamy, which has shown greater sensitivity and assertiveness. The High court has found the six security force members guilty of rape, murder and "disappearance" of Krishanthy Kumarasamy, her mother, 16-year-old brother and a neighbour on 7 September 1996 and sentenced them to death.
Publication: The International Crime of Genocide-The Case of the Tamil People in Sri Lanka
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
Genocide is the ultimate crime under international law, a crime against humanity. Bringing forward charges of genocide is a grave accusation. In the case of Sri Lanka, which ratified the Genocide Convention in 1950, these charges have been brought forward by Tamils against members of the Sinhalese majority, in particular members of successive governments. This study will not set out to determine individual guilt since this would require a thorough judicial investigation. Rather, based on the legal definition of genocide and on sociological approaches on the genocidal process and the so-called genocidal society, it will focus on two interrelated issues.
Publication: Massacre of Tamil Detainees
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
Tamil Information Centre (TIC) is alarmed at the massacre of Tamil detainees at the government prison in Kalutara located south of the Sri Lankan capital Colombo, on Friday 12 December 1997.
Publication: Evaluation Report - International Human Rights Mechanisms and how to use them
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
The international community has recognised that in the modern world human rights are the foundation for freedom, justice, and peace. One has to be aware that human rights are rights of ordinary people and not exclusive preserves of governments or other institutions. Only knowledge of human rights will enable ordinary people to seek avenues to confidently assert and enjoy them. The fundamental aspect of human rights work is therefore is to inform people and acquire adequate knowledge of what their rights and responsibilities are, how rights are protected, and what can be done when rights are violated.
Publication: Enquiry into mental health needs of Tamil patients in the Alexandra Surgery
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
In 1992 the Government identified mental health as one of the five key areas of its health strategy. In order to adequately focus on the ethnic aspect of these key areas, the Alexandra Surgery, which is a single-handed GP practice, planned to carry out a short-term study focusing on the needs of Tamil patients suffering from anxiety and depression. This report sets out the results of the survey in which 57 respondents interviewed.
Publication: Tamil information - Issue Nos. 59-62
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
Tamil information centre is concerned at continuing reports of arbitrary arrests, detention, torture and ill-treatment of Tamil detainees, at the prison conditions and the lack of facilities at detention centres. At the beginning of June 1996, there were 658 Tamils under detention orders in various prisons and detention centres throughout the country, some of whom have been held for long periods under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) and Emergency regulations.
Publication: Sri Lanka - Devolution Proposals - August 1995 and January 1996
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
The Sri Lankan Tamil community in its long attempt at self-rule since independence has seen only broken promises, shelving of pacts and the abrogation of written agreements. The United National Party in its 17-year rule since 1977, sought only to buy time through an All Party Conference, a Political Parties Conference and a Parliamentary Select Committee, to strengthen Sri Lankan military capability.
Publication: Situation Report No.4_(17-11-1995)
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
Heavy rain and stiff resistance by the Little are reported to have made army’s advance difficult in Jaffna from 3rd to 9th November. The army resumed operations on 10th and the offensive continues. There has been a temporary halt in the military offensive on 16th November. The troops are now stationed one kilometer away from the northern suburbs of Nallur and Thirunelvely Junction. Reports from the East suggest that LTTE is planning a major offensive on Batticaloa town before the Sri Lankan military enter Jaffna town.
Publication: Situation Report No.3_(09-11-1995)
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
The Sri Lankan government and the military continue to deny food to people affected by the war. Pressure is mounting on the government to allow the NGOs to provide humanitarian aid to the uprooted people from the Jaffna District who have sought refuge in Thenmaradchi and other areas. Reports suggest that nearly 5,000 people are daily crossing the Jaffna lagoon at Kilaly seeking refuge in Kilinochchi, Mullaitivu, Mannar and Vavuniya districts in the mainland. TIC sources say nearly 5,000 families have reached Mullaitivu. One relief worker who had accompanied about 100 people by foot to the Kilali crossing in heavy rains on 5th November said two men died of snakebite and eight children died of fits in the mothers' arms. Reports also say that Jaffna Hospital and the University of Jaffna have been evacuated.
Publication: Situation Report No.2_(03-11-1995)
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
Due to continuing military advance in Jaffna, there is panic among the section of the population in the district which has still not moved out. The shelling and aerial bombing have caused damages to building and infrastructure. The movement of people to Thenmaradchi continue. Over 75,000 people reported to have crossed over to Killinochchi. The situation in Thenmaradchchi is deteriorating due to food shortage, drinking water, medicine and sanitary facilities.
Publication: Situation Report No.1_(02-11-1995)
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
Ninety percent of the population from Valikamam, Jaffna, Nallur, Kopay, Chankanai, Sandilipai and Uduvil have been displaced since 30 October 1995. They have moved to Chavakachcheri. The rest of the population is also moving out. All state and private organisations are closed. The situation is beyond the control of Jaffna Secretariat and the NGOs, according to reports received from Jaffna by the Tamil Information Centre (TIC). Displacement in large number without any basic facilities such as food shelter, Transport and health facilities causing grave concern.
Publication: Western nations to provide arms to Sri Lankan
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
The Sri Lankan government is seeking greater military assistance from other nations after the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) withdrew from peace talks on 19 April. The people’s Alliance (PA) won the general election on 16 August last year on a promise to settle the Tamil national problem. In November PA leader Chandrika Kumaratunge was elected President by an overwhelming majority on a peace platform. She promised to change the constitution to devolve power to the Tamil areas.
Publication: Exodus of Tamils from Jaffna -The displacement crisis
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
The mass displacement from Jaffna is an event of major significance in the political history of the Tamils of Sri Lanka. It has not only altered the political geography of the defacto Tamil state in the north-east, but has also created new challenges and opportunities for the government of Sri Lanka, the Tamil people and international community.
Publication: Tamil Information - issue_no_35 and 36
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
The Sri Lankan Parliament was dissolved by proclamation on 24 June and President DB Wijetunge called for general elections on 16 August. The move took the opposition parties which were expecting presidential elections in November, by complete surprise. Around 1440 candidates representing thirteen political parties and twenty – six independent groups will contest for the 225 seats in Parliament. Nearly 12 million voters are registered and over 9500 polling stations will be set up.
Publication: Tamil Information - issue_no_33 and 34
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
The European Parliament adopted a resolution on 22 April calling on the European Commission to establish a permanent mission in Colombo immediately to facilitate closer economic cooperation between Sri Lanka and the European Union. The resolution follows a report by the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Security of the European Union, based on a report submitted by the Committee on Development and Cooperation. The resolution also calls on the European Union, as part of its common foreign and security policy, to close all offices of the LTTE in the territory of Member States, alleging that the offices are used to propagate terrorism against a 'friendly country'
Publication: Tamil Information - issue_no_31
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
Amnesty International says in a report summarising human rights concerns in 1993, that thousands of Tamil people, including prisoners of conscience, were arbitrarily arrested and detained, solely on account of their ethnicity, especially in Colombo. In both Batticaloa and Trincomalee Districts, hundreds of people were paraded before masked informants, according to Amnesty, to identify suspects and many were arrested for questioning. Others were detained for the sole reason that they were relatives of an alleged LTTE member and some were held in acknowledged detention for long periods
Publication: Tamil Information - issue_no_30
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
The governments of Switzerland and Sri Lanka signed an agreement on 12 January for the forcible repatriation of rejected Tamil asylum seekers from the European nation. There are currently over 30,000 Tamil refugees in Switzerland and 16,000 Tamils whose cases remain undecided will be affected by the bilateral agreement. UNHCR which has been instrumental in the signing of the agreement will 'act as a liaison between the returnees and the two parties and assist in meeting particular problems numbered by the returnees'. The agreement, which will remain valid for two years, provides for the appointment of a Sri Lankan government competent authority to liaise with UNHCR the returning refugees may be held in camps until 'conditions permit the returnees to return to their original place of permanent residence.
Publication: The right to self-determination - The Sri Lankan Tamil national question
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
On 22 November, 1988, the United Nations General Assembly declared the 1990s to be the “International Decade for the Eradication of Colonialism”. The Assembly reaffirmed that colonialism “in all its forms and manifestations” was incompatible with the UN Charter and posed a serious threat to international peace and security. A consensus resolution commemorating the thirtieth anniversary of the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples (1960), G.A. Res. 15 14 (XV), was adopted at the General Assembly’s Special Committee on Decolonisation, 22 January - 20 August, 1990.

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