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Publication: Mrs Sonia Gandhi Pleads Clemancy for Nalini
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
The Congress (I) spokesman, Mr. Ajit Jogi has revealed to the Indian press on 18 November that Mrs. Gandhi during a private meeting with Indian President K R Narayanan had conveyed to him her feelings, as well as those of her son and daughter, that the life of Nalini, one of the accused in the assassination of her late husband and former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, be spared as she was the mother of a child.
Publication: A World Without Persecution
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
We are gratified for the acknowledgement by the Hague Appeal for Peace Conference that peace is a human right. Peace is threatened when human rights are violated. Where there is injustice, there is a seed for conflict. The protection of rights of individuals to think freely, to express themselves without fear, to associate freely with others, to disseminate their thoughts freely and to determine their own destiny is essential to the preservation of world peace.
Publication: Mass Graves in Tamil homeland in Sri Lanka
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
On 3 July 1998, five Sri Lankan soldiers were convicted of the rape and murder of 18 year-old Tamil schoolgirl, Krishanthy Kumarasamy, her mother, 16 year-old brother and a neighbor on 7 September 1996. They were sentenced to death. The judgment, which has been referred to as a "Landmark Judgment", by human rights organizations, came in the wake of constant pressure on the Sri Lankan government by the international community to protect human rights and end the climate of impunity widely enjoyed by the security forces.
Publication: Killing of Dr Neelan Tiruchelvam
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
The tragic death of Dr Neelan Tiruchelvam in Colombo has caused great shock, dismay and concern at the Tamil Information Centre. Those responsible for the brutal murder are yet to be identified but with the passing of time the truth may be revealed. This is yet another incident which underscores the facts that an urgent political solution to the conflict and an immediate end to the war in Sri Lanka are absolutely essential for eliminating violence from the Sri Lankan political system.
Publication: Imminent Emergency situation in the Vanni
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
The Tamil Information Centre (TIC) learns that the Sri Lankan government Army is planning a major offensive in the Vanni, an area where over 457,000 people live under miserable conditions, 90% of whom are displaced people, including women, elderly and children. People in Vanni have been subjected to severe hardship for many years as a result of government restrictions on food, medicine and fuel and other essential needs.
Publication: Chief Minister Supports Clemency
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Dr M Karunanidhi, answering questions at a press conference to day expressed the view that clemency and commutation of the death sentence to life-imprisonment to the four Tamils in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case were appropriate. He said that international opinion is increasingly against the death penalty and it is appropriate that consideration is given to this concern of the international community even to this case. He also has expressed the opinion that life sentence to the accused instead of the death sentence would enable offenders to repent and realise the wrongfulness of their actions.
Publication: Appealing for Clemancy and Calling for an end to the death penalty is the right thing to do
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
The Tamil Information Centre (TIC) made an appeal on 8 October, for clemency and commutation of the death sentence on four people in the Rajiv Gandhi murder case. The TIC’s appeal for clemency was in furtherance of a commitment to the value and dignity of human life and the belief that human life is sacred. In this respect, the killing of the former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and 16 others including nine police officers in Sriperumpudur in Tamil Nadu in India on 21 May 1991 was equally callous and cruel and the offenders deserve to be punished.
Publication: A message into the future
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
As the new Millennium dawns there is optimism and hope for a fresh beginning transcending the barriers causing human suffering. It is wonderful to affirm - "Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me." Bur resolutions are not enough. Peace requires active engagement, strength and determination in expressing compassion and civility whether as an individual a community or a nation. It rarely depends on external circumstances. Peace begins within us. It appears in simple ways and in ordinary places.
Publication: A long-awaited and important progress against Torture in Sri Lanka
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
The Tamil Information Centre (TIC) welcomes the proposed visit of the UN Committee against Torture established under the Convention against Torture to Sri Lanka in January 2000 to investigate allegations of torture. This is undoubtedly the outcome of the tireless work of human rights NGOs and lawyers and representations by them to the Committee against torture in the face of challenge and counter-lobbies.
Publication: TIC Briefing Note on Tamil people in Sri Lanka
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
Internally Displaced People: Sri Lankan military operations Jayasikurui involving 40,000 troops, launched on 13 May to open a land-route from Vavuniya to Jaffna is nearing twelve months and has created over 90,000 newly displaced people, adding to the 300,000 Internally Displaced People (IDPs) who were already in the Vanni making a total of 390,000 in late April 1998.
Publication: Sri Lanka celebrates independence while Tamils struggle for human rights
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
Sri Lanka is poised to celebrate the 50th anniversary of independence on 4 February. The Tamil people are distressed that half a century of independence has failed to secure the advancement of all the people in the island. Instead, independence has consistently marginalised the Tamil community resulting in an armed struggle and the quest for autonomy for the Tamil people.
Publication: Government Ban on the LTTE
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
The Tamil Information Centre (TIC) is dismayed over the Sri Lankan Government’s decision to ban the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE) which has emerged as the main symbol and spokesman of Tamil grievances and aspirations. The Government’s decision to ban the little came after the attack on the Buddhist shrine Dalada Maligawa reportedly carried out by the LTTE inKandy on 25 January
Publication: Economic marginalisation of Plantation Tamils
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
The Tamil Information Centre expresses its solidarity with the Hill country plantation workers in their struggle for increase in wages. Throughout the history of the plantations in Sri Lanka, the estate population has been subjected to severe hardship and exploitation, not only through suppression of wages below subsistence levels, but also through discrimination in the provision of shelter, education health facilities and nutrition.
Publication: Callous attack on Dalada Maligawa
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
The Tamil Information Centre (TIC) is deeply disturbed by reports that the oldest and holiest Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka, the Dalada Maligawa in Kandy, which enshrines lord Buddha’s tooth has been attacked and damaged.
Publication: A Step forward for the protection of human Rights
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
The Tamil Information Centre (TIC) welcomes the Colombo High Court judgement in the well-publicised human rights case of the 18-year old school girl, Krishanthy Kumarasamy, which has shown greater sensitivity and assertiveness. The High court has found the six security force members guilty of rape, murder and "disappearance" of Krishanthy Kumarasamy, her mother, 16-year-old brother and a neighbour on 7 September 1996 and sentenced them to death.
Publication: The International Crime of Genocide-The Case of the Tamil People in Sri Lanka
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
Genocide is the ultimate crime under international law, a crime against humanity. Bringing forward charges of genocide is a grave accusation. In the case of Sri Lanka, which ratified the Genocide Convention in 1950, these charges have been brought forward by Tamils against members of the Sinhalese majority, in particular members of successive governments. This study will not set out to determine individual guilt since this would require a thorough judicial investigation. Rather, based on the legal definition of genocide and on sociological approaches on the genocidal process and the so-called genocidal society, it will focus on two interrelated issues.
Publication: Massacre of Tamil Detainees
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
Tamil Information Centre (TIC) is alarmed at the massacre of Tamil detainees at the government prison in Kalutara located south of the Sri Lankan capital Colombo, on Friday 12 December 1997.
Publication: Evaluation Report - International Human Rights Mechanisms and how to use them
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
The international community has recognised that in the modern world human rights are the foundation for freedom, justice, and peace. One has to be aware that human rights are rights of ordinary people and not exclusive preserves of governments or other institutions. Only knowledge of human rights will enable ordinary people to seek avenues to confidently assert and enjoy them. The fundamental aspect of human rights work is therefore is to inform people and acquire adequate knowledge of what their rights and responsibilities are, how rights are protected, and what can be done when rights are violated.
Publication: Enquiry into mental health needs of Tamil patients in the Alexandra Surgery
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
In 1992 the Government identified mental health as one of the five key areas of its health strategy. In order to adequately focus on the ethnic aspect of these key areas, the Alexandra Surgery, which is a single-handed GP practice, planned to carry out a short-term study focusing on the needs of Tamil patients suffering from anxiety and depression. This report sets out the results of the survey in which 57 respondents interviewed.
Publication: Tamil information - Issue Nos. 59-62
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)
Tamil information centre is concerned at continuing reports of arbitrary arrests, detention, torture and ill-treatment of Tamil detainees, at the prison conditions and the lack of facilities at detention centres. At the beginning of June 1996, there were 658 Tamils under detention orders in various prisons and detention centres throughout the country, some of whom have been held for long periods under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) and Emergency regulations.

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