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News: Joint Opposition MPS accused government of foul play to Financial Crime Investigation Division in Geneva
Posted Date: 31/03/2016 (Thursday)
The three joint opposition MPs, Dullas Alahapperuma and Bandula Gunawardane and Udaya Gammanpila reported to have visited Geneva and have handed over a letter to the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) General Secretary Martin Chungong today and complained about the Financial Crime Investigation Division (FCID) among other allegations of injustice caused towards them by the Government. In their letter, they highlighted seven key factors including a complaint on the FCID.
Photos: Joint Opp. wants a date for LG polls
Posted Date: 30/03/2016 (Wednesday)
Photos: No foreign influence in constitution making process: Speaker
Posted Date: 30/03/2016 (Wednesday)
Photos: Defence Secy denies military in turmoil, promises to boost reconciliation
Posted Date: 30/03/2016 (Wednesday)
News: Returning refugees from India a win-win situation
Posted Date: 30/03/2016 (Wednesday)
By Harim Peiris MBA Refugees returning to Sri Lanka would be an unparalleled statement of confidence by some of those most affected by the conflict, in the new direction and policy trajectory of the Sri Lankan State under the Yahapalanaya Government. In a World which is creating and spewing out ever more desperate people having to flee the wreckage of their homes and lives, Sri Lanka would be a shining example of a country in which people once left violent conflict now returning back home to rebuild their lives and start over a fresh. Such a statement of confidence in a new Sri Lanka by the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora in India, would in fact be a serious dampener on the more extremist views and rhetoric of the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora in the West. People would be voting with their feet in returning to Sri Lanka and that would be an authentic message of hope which would be hard to counter from arm chairs in the West.
News: Sri Lanka to strengthen defense ties with China
Posted Date: 30/03/2016 (Wednesday)
Defense Secretary Karunasena Hettiarachchi has said that China supported Sri Lanka to end the war against Tamil Tigers in May 2009 after 30years and the government is in discussions to further strengthen the defense relations between the two countries this year. \\\"We are looking forward to a much stronger relationship with China. Already there are quite a few courses provided to Sri Lankan military personnel in China and we hope to expand our ties in this sector,\\\" the Defence official das said.
News: Former Australian Prime Minister Abbott defends stance on Sri Lanka
Posted Date: 30/03/2016 (Wednesday)
Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has defended his stance on Sri Lanka when he was Prime Minister. Abbott penned a 3,706-word essay for the rightwing magazine Quadrant defending his two-year period in office, Yahoo News reported. Abbott was accused of backing the Mahinda Rajapaksa led Government when it was accused of grave human rights abuses.
Photos: “No one can topple Government despite political enthusiasm prevailing at rallies”
Posted Date: 29/03/2016 (Tuesday)
Photos: RISING FROM THE EMBERS The Tamils of Sri Lanka are still stuck between a bloody past and hope
Posted Date: 28/03/2016 (Monday)
News: Scientists discover terrestrial clone of Mars
Posted Date: 28/03/2016 (Monday)
The temple of Goddess Ashapura Mata has traditionally been an attraction for religious tourists thronging Matanumadh in Kachchh district of Gujarat. Now, thanks to a new discovery, this sleepy village in Western India is set to draw tourists of a different kind – planetary geologists from around the world. Researchers report1 that Matanumadh (also spelt Matanamadh), situated around 86 km northwest of Bhuj, is actually a terrestrial clone of Mars. In other words, experiments to understand the geology of the Martian surface can be conducted in this "analog locality" in India instead of sending robots to the red planet
Photos: Govt has made good progress But demonstratable progress needed to regain GSP+ says EU envoy:
Posted Date: 27/03/2016 (Sunday)
News: Additional ministerial portfolios to Sarath Fonseka
Posted Date: 26/03/2016 (Saturday)
Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka who was appointed the Minister of Provincial Development has got additional portfolios, National Agriculture and Diversification and Human Settlement Authority (Hadabima). His Ministry is also tasked with the implementation of development projects in Nuwara Eliya, Badulla, Kandy, Matale, Trincomalee, Batticaloa, Ampara, Anuradhapura and Polnnaruwa Districts.
News: Parliament to convene as Constitutional Assembly on April 5
Posted Date: 26/03/2016 (Saturday)
Minister of Higher Education and Highways and Leader of the House, Lakshman Kiriella, has said the Sri Lankan Parliament will for the first time convene a Constitutional Assembly on April 5. The Constitutional Assembly was appointed for the purpose of deliberating and seeking the views and advice of the people on a new Constitution for Sri Lanka and preparing a draft of a Constitution Bill for the consideration of Parliament.
News: Sri Lanka's housing programme for North, East caught in row
Posted Date: 26/03/2016 (Saturday)
Objection to the manner in which the project was sought to be executed. The Sri Lanka government’s ambitious project of building 65,000 houses in the civil war-hit Northern and Eastern provinces in five years is embroiled in controversy, much before it can gather momentum. A few days ago, when the country’s Parliament in Colombo witnessed a debate on the project, the Northern Provincial Council in Jaffna too discussed the Central government’s initiative and Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran reiterated his reservations.
News: TNA to Take up Sampur Power Plant Environmental issues with India
Posted Date: 26/03/2016 (Saturday)
Tmil National Alliance (TNA) chief R.Sampanthan has said that he will discuss with the Indian High Commission the “substantial” environmental problems that will be created if India sets up a 500 MW coal-fired power plant at Sampur in Eastern Sri Lanka. “The people of the area have been telling me about the substantial pollution and environmental damage which will be caused and have accused me of not taking any action on it.
Photos: Finding truth behind war imperative: CBK
Posted Date: 25/03/2016 (Friday)
News: Jayalalithaa demands immediate action by the Centre in dealing with fishermen issue
Posted Date: 25/03/2016 (Friday)
Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalithaa criticized the Central government for not acting "effectively" on the issue of apprehending of Indian fishermen by Sri Lanka authorities. Stating that three fishermen and their mechanized fishing boat were apprehended by Sri Lankan navy on March 23, she said "a decisive shift in the manner of dealing with this sensitive issue is long awaited and is the need of the hour".
Photos: Three Indian fishermen arrested by Sri Lankan coast guard
Posted Date: 24/03/2016 (Thursday)
News: No discussions with India over building sea-bridge: Sri Lanka PM Ranil Wickremesinghe
Posted Date: 23/03/2016 (Wednesday)
Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe today said Sri Lanka and India have not held any talks on building a sea-bridge and tunnel connecting two countries. Wickremesinghe was responding to a question by the opposition parliamentarian Udaya Gammanpila in parliament. Gammanpila said the Indian Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari had announced in Indian parliament (Lok Sabha) a plan to construct the bridge.
Events: கலந்துரையாடலும் கருத்து முன்வைப்பும்
Posted Date: 12/03/2016 (Saturday)
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