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News: Sri Lanka’s New Constitution – Return of the Divide and Rule
Posted Date: 31/12/2016 (Saturday)
There are several foreseen dangers as influence is exerted from multiple quarters to change, rather dilute the present Constitution. No constitution is 100% perfect and no constitution can cater to the demands or even aspirations of all of its citizens. No constitution can or should be created based on the desires of a handful of people especially when their past records are questionable and not investigated. We are at a very critical juncture. We can no longer trust in the representatives we elect some of whom are rejected but hold key portfolios. There are important aspects for all citizens to now think of. Is it a coincidence that the players involved in the drafting of the new constitution all belong to a compartmentalized thinking and their thinking is funded by and supported by foreign parties.
News: PM presents Draft Bill against Enforced Disappearance to Cabinet
Posted Date: 31/12/2016 (Saturday)
A draft Bill to give effect to the International Convention for the Protection of all Persons from Enforced Disappearance (ICPPED) has been presented to Cabinet by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe. However, the Defence Ministry and the Ministry of Law and Order have proposed amendments that have been sent back to the Prime Minister’s office for consideration. The Ministries of Finance and of Justice had also made observations.
News: Sri Lanka's influential ex-leader opposes land for Chinese investment
Posted Date: 31/12/2016 (Saturday)
Sri Lanka's former leader Mahinda Rajapaksa on Thursday criticised a government plan to grant 15,000 acres for Chinese investment in his constituency, saying it will deprive people of agricultural land. Rajapaksa, chided by the West and India for his close relations with China during his rule, is now agitating against President Maithripala Sirisena government's moves to attract investment as he seeks to rally support under a new party.
News: Year 2017 for Sri Lanka ; Reading outside Astrology
Posted Date: 31/12/2016 (Saturday)
Year 2017 dawns with all arrangements including a week for "reconciliation" put in place to celebrate two years of Maithripala Sirisena presidency and Wickramasinghe government, beginning from 09 January 2015. More precisely, it would be 02 years celebrated for ousting the Rajapaksas. UNP on its own was conceded as no strong contender to floor Rajapaksa. Wickramasinghe thus agreed on Sirisena as the Common Candidate to defeat Rajapaksa. Ousting Rajapaksa is all what the Colombo "civil society" owners too wanted. They still cry proud not about them winning but about them defeating Rajapaksa. Everything else is unimportant for them even now.
Photos: Man on a mission to topple Govt. in 2017
Posted Date: 31/12/2016 (Saturday)
News: Rajapaksa’s theory on India’s silence over successor regime’s tilt towards China
Posted Date: 30/12/2016 (Friday)
Former Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa said here on Thursday, that India is silent over the Sirisena-Wickremesinghe government’s unmistakable tilt towards China probably because it has been promised control over Trincomalee and Kankesanthurai harbors and the Palaly airport in the Tamil-speaking Northern and Eastern provinces to balance China’s control over Hambantota harbor. At a meeting with resident foreign correspondents, Rajapaksa wondered why India, which made such a fuss over the visit of an Chinese nuclear submarine and helped the US oust him from power, is silent over the present government’s pronounced tilt towards China.
News: Federalism addresses minority rights: Prof. R. Sivachandran
Posted Date: 30/12/2016 (Friday)
Prof. R. Sivachandran, a Central Committee member of Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kachchi (ITAK), in an interview with the Dailymirror by email, advocates the Federal structure of government for the North and East. The ITAK is the dominant ally of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) at the moment. Expressing views at the time a constitution-making process is underway, he says powers cannot be devolved under a unity form of government as in today, fulfilling the aspirations of the Tamil people. Excerpts of the interview.
Events: Nava Sama Samaja 39th Anniversary Rally: Defeat Chauvinism! Strengthen Democracy!
Posted Date: 30/12/2016 (Friday)
@New Town hall, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Videos: Face The Nation TV1 27th December 2016 - Part 2
Posted Date: 30/12/2016 (Friday)
Videos: Face The Nation TV1 27th December 2016 - Part 1
Posted Date: 30/12/2016 (Friday)
News: CaFFE to sue Delimitation Committee
Posted Date: 29/12/2016 (Thursday)
The Campaign for Free and Fair Elections (CaFFE) is mulling legal action against members of the Appeals Committee on Demarcation of Boundaries and the Ministry of Local Government and Provincial Councils for deliberately delaying the local council elections. "The Appeals Committee on Demarcation of...... Boundaries and the Ministry of Local Government and Provincial Councils has united to deliberately delay the Local Council Elections . Hence, the Campaign for Free and Fair Elections (CaFFE) will take legal action against those who are involved in this conspiracy," CaFFE Executive Director Rajith Keerthi Tennakoon said.
News: GL dismisses Sumanthiran comment as racist utterance
Posted Date: 29/12/2016 (Thursday)
Former UPFA External Affairs Minister and Joint Opposition member Prof G.L.Pieris yesterday dismissed as a racist utterance, a statement made by TNA parliamentarian M. Sumanthiran that the accused in the Raviraj murder case had been freed because the jury were all Sinhalese. Prof. Pieris, addressing a news conference at the Dr. N.M.Perera Centre at Borella, accused Sumanthiran of sowing seeds of hatred instead of promoting reconciliation.
Photos: An attempted Rajapaksa return
Posted Date: 29/12/2016 (Thursday)
News: Ads for prefabricated houses but opposition continues
Posted Date: 28/12/2016 (Wednesday)
The Resettlement Ministry has called for applications from the public via newspaper advertisements for its ArcelorMittal prefabricated houses, amidst continued grassroots opposition to the project. The Kilinochchi District Coordination Committee (DCC) passed a unanimous resolution yesterday stating that no prefabricated houses should be given to the people of the district. Earlier, the Jaffna DCC had approved a similar resolution. More than 100 people also attended a protest this week at which petitions were given to the Kilinochchi Government Agent to be conveyed to the President and Prime Minister.
News: US threat on UN, a further waning of US influence: Kohona
Posted Date: 28/12/2016 (Wednesday)
Former chief of the UN treaty section and a former permanent representative of Sri Lanka to the UN, Palitha Kohona said that the US threatening the UN with financial sanctions would only result in the further waning of US influence in the UN and globally. “To threaten the UN with financial sanctions would only result in the further waning of US influence in the UN and globally. All countries, especially countries like the US, must continue to work together to make the world a better place,” he told IPS.
News: General Amnesty for Army Deserters
Posted Date: 28/12/2016 (Wednesday)
Sri Lanka Army declared a General Amnesty period with a view to release its deserters from the service with effect from 2nd April under the directives of the President Maithripala Sirisena. Adjutant General of Army, Major General Mahinda Hathurusinghe officially announced the avenues and the process at a media briefing held at the MoD Media Centre today morning (25th Mar). Acting Director, Ministry of Defence Media Centre, Brigadier Jayanath Jayaweera and the Director Personnel (Administration) Brig. NA Dharmaratne were also present.
News: Tamil politicians squabble over damaged Gandhi statue in Mullaitivu
Posted Date: 27/12/2016 (Tuesday)
Two leading Tamil politicians of North Sri Lanka, both belonging to the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), are squabbling over a controversial statue of Mahatma Gandhi in Mullaitivu town which was found destroyed on Monday. TNA Member of Parliament Dr.Sivamohan had installed the statue recently, with the money given to him by the government for carrying out social and development works in Wanni electoral district, his constituency.
News: Sri Lanka asked to enter mines ban treaty
Posted Date: 27/12/2016 (Tuesday)
It will take 15 more years to de-mine Sri Lanka's war-battered North and East regions, a group campaigning to ban anti-personal mines in the country said today while criticising the government for not acceding to the Ottawa Convention. "The de-mining work has slowed down over the years. At its current pace it will take around 15 years to complete the de-mining in the remaining 44 square kilometers," Vidya Abhayagunawardena, the national co-ordinator of Sri Lanka Campaign to Ban Landmines (SLCBL) said.
News: If It’s Back To H’tota For China And Trinco For US, Is It Neo-Cold War For Sri Lanka?
Posted Date: 27/12/2016 (Tuesday)
The Cold War dictum that “there are no permanent friends or permanent enemies, but only permanent national interests” seems to be working overtime in the case of Sri Lanka just now. No one disputes that the Government is keen on giving away a piece of sovereign real-estate to China even as a respectable Opposition veteran has claimed that the eastern Trincomalee naval base may go the US way. Ports Minister Arjuna Ranatunga, the celebrated captain of the World Cup winning national cricket team, seems to have bowled a googly at his own Government, by declaring that the Government was pushing for ‘better terms’ for the Hambantota property from China. But the same cannot be said of LSSP leader and former Minister Tissa Vitharana’s charge that the US was keen on seeking a naval base in Trinco.
News: We will not approve Constitution that will harm unitary status: President
Posted Date: 27/12/2016 (Tuesday)
President Maithripala Sirisena has told the Global Sri Lanka Forum (GSLF) that the recommendations made by the constitutional sub-committee on Periphery and the Centre Relations were merely proposals, members of the group said on Thursday (22). Coordinator, Global Sri Lanka Forum (GSLF), a newly formed organization of Sri Lankan expatriates, Nuwan Ballantudawa, told a media briefing on Thursday that President had assured that the recommendations of the subcommittee on periphery and the centre will not be implemented or discussed in Parliament.

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