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Ratarakina Janawegaya 113+ will see mammoth crowds
Published Date: 02/11/2018 (Friday)

By Thameenah Razeek

Downplaying the summoning of Parliament, the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) yesterday (1) said, Parliament will not convene on 5 November as envisaged by some and a massive protest to support the President and newly-appointed Premier, titled Ratarakina Janawegaya 113+, will commence at the Parliament Circle at 12 noon on 5 November.  

Addressing the Media, parliamentarian Mahindananda Aluthgamage said the Speaker has proclaimed that the President has the right to prorogue Parliament according to the Constitution for a maximum period of two months and if the President requires Parliament could be convened at any time giving a prior notice of 3 working days.

Convening Parliament on November 5 is out of the question because of time constraints. Aluthgamage adduced the delay to the newly-appointed Government needing time to re-arrange Parliament since the parties have changed.

Aluthgamage responding to a question said there was speculation that Parliament would meet on 5 November but that was not practical.

Referring to the protest that is to be held on Monday Aluthgamage said 5000 buses have already been arranged by local government ministers from the SLFP, SLPP and the CWC to bring the public to Colombo protesting against the former Prime minister’s moves to hang on in Temple Trees.  
“We welcome all those who support President, Prime Minister and who need to show their solidarity on 5 November” he added.

According to Aluthgamage the Speaker has agreed to afford all facilities to the newly-appointed Premier, Mahinda Rajapaksa which goes to show that the Speaker endorses the new Prime Minister.
“We will not carry out the former Budget but expect to put out a populist Budget and it is for this reason the re-convening of Parliament was delayed.

Parliamentarian Rohitha Abegunawardena said more than party supporters it is the people who really suffer with the current economy. Starting from the plain-tea seller to importers will join the protest to show their support.
 “We arranged a protest against the government in 2017 at Galle Face Green and there was a mammoth crowd that turned up, we ensure that on 5 November parliament circle will see a much larger number”, he added.
 Parliamentarian Vasudeva Nanayakkkara said that this was the time he was repaying dues. He said  the protest will show Wickremesinghe has no power and was  just wasting words.

According to him this is not the place where Wickremesinghe lost power, it was on 10 February when he lost the local government election.
Responding to a question, Vasudeva said Wickremesinghe won’t even get the chance to be Opposition Leader since the Government has decided that it will be the TNA that will sit in the Opposition.

“We will do the same what Wickremesinghe did to us,” he further added.

 Source: Ceylon Today



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