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University Teachers Forum Hyderabad Condemns the Raid at Prof Satyanarayana’s House
Published Date: 12/09/2018 (Wednesday)

The following is a statement signed by 143 teachers of Hyderabad, released by the University Teachers’ Forum Hyderabad, condemning the police raid at the residence of Prof K. Satyanarayana recently.

We university teachers of Hyderabad hereby strongly register our protest against the arbitrary, ill-mannered raid on the residence of Dr. K. Satyanarayana, Professor of Cultural Studies and Dean of the School of Interdisciplinary Studies at the EFL University on 28 August 2018.

Early in the morning of 28 August, a police team from Maharashtra accompanied by some Telangana policemen and women, forced themselves into the apartment residence of Prof. Satyanarayana and his wife Pavana without showing them any authorizing document and proceeded to ransack and vandalise the entire flat for over eight hours.

The document that they eventually produced authorized the search ostensibly to find Mr. Varavara Rao, who had already been house-arrested at his own flat by another team. There was no mention of any charges against Prof. Satyanarayana himself. In violation of all rules and conventions, this document was in Marathi, was never presented at the time of entering the residence, and no explanation was offered as to the purpose of their raid. The team left having turned the entire flat upside down taking with them three laptops, a tablet and hard drive apart from some books and papers. Prof. Satyanarayana’s accumulation of research done over 30 years is now in danger of being completely destroyed.

An internationally renowned scholar of Cultural Studies and a pioneering author and editor in the field of Dalit Studies, Satyanarayana co-edited the two-volume anthology of New Dalit Writings from South India: No Alphabet in Sight (vol 1) and Steel Nibs are Sprouting (vol 2), Exercises of Freedom, as well as the volume of Dalit Studies, the first effort of its kind.

He has been a Dalit scholar and has devoted his entire time as an academic to the pursuit of knowledge and research into issues affecting dalits.

Dr. Anand Teltumbde is a senior professor at Goa Institute of Management and also one of India’s most active social science researchers writing on dalit issues. He has published several articles and books including Republic of Caste: Thinking Equality in the Time of Neoliberal Hindutva and has been a regular and popular contributor to the EPW on various topics.

The raids on the residences of these two scholars, along with other activists and lawyers across India, suggest a pattern of targeting anyone associated with dalits, women and other marginalized sections, in order to silence all opposition.

We condemn these raids and demand that the materials taken away after the raids be returned to the respective scholars.

We appeal to liberal and democratic forces to exercise vigilance against illiberal regimes whose actions are destructive of the very fabric of our democracy.

Contact: Parthasarathi Muthukkaruppan (9908788297) & K. Srinivasulu (9866479935)

1.      Abdul Rahman Ansari, TISS, Hyderabad

2.      Akash Gautam, University of Hyderabad

3.      Alok Verma, NALSAR University of Law

4.      Amit Upadhayay, TISS, Hyderabad

5.      Amita Dhanda, NALSAR University of Law

6.      Anjali Lal Gupta, University of Hyderabad

7.      Aparna Lanjewar Bose, EFL University Hyderabad

8.      Arjun Sengupta, TISS, Hyderabad

9.      Aruna B. Venkat NALSAR University of Law

10.  Aseem Prakash, TISS, Hyderabad

11.  Ashwini Kumar Pendyala, NALSAR University of Law

12.  Asma Rasheed, EFL University Hyderabad

13.  B Ashok, Osmania University

14.  Eswar, University of Hyderabad

15.  Satyavati, Osmania University

16.  Bhangya Bhukya, University of Hyderabad

17.  Bibhu Prasad Nayak, TISS, Hyderabad

18.  Bishwanath Dash, BITS, Hyderabad

19.  Channa Basavaiah, Osmania University

20.  Deepa Srinivas, University of Hyderabad

21.  Didla Grace, EFL University Hyderabad

22.  Dipak Morey, University of Hyderabad

23.  Sathya Prakash, University of Hyderabad

24.  Ekta Singh, TISS, Hyderabad

25.  Sridevi, University of Hyderabad

26.  Vijay, University of Hyderabad

27.  Gade Mallikarjun, NALSAR University of Law

28.  Gayatri Nair, TISS, Hyderabad

29.  Gracious Temsen, University of Hyderabad

30.  Hariprasad A, EFL University, Hyderabad

31.  Harjinder Singh Laltu, Hyderabad

32.  Hemanga Dutta, EFL University Hyderabad

33.  Hota Agnikumar, NALSAR University of Law

34.  Indranil Dutta, EFL University Hyderabad

35.  Ipsita Sapra, TISS, Hyderabad

36.  Jacob Tharu, EFL University Hyderabad

37.  Jaisingh, EFL University Hyderabad

38.  Joby Joseph, University of Hyderabad

39.  Johny Stephen, TISS, Hyderabad

40.  K Jagan, Osmania University

41.  K Kiran, Osmania University

42.  K Rajesh, Osmania University

43.  Laxminarayana, University of Hyderabad

44.  Srinivasulu, Osmania University

45.  Kancha Ilaiah, Osmania University

46.  Karunakar Peda, TISS, Hyderabad

47.  Khairunnisa Nakathorige, MANUU, Hyderabad

48.  Kinda Nagesh, Osmania University

49.  Krithi S, TISS, Hyderabad

50.  Lavanya Suresh, BITS, Hyderabad

51.  M Chiranjeevi, Osmania University

52.  M Ravi, T, Osmania University

53.  T. Ansari, University of Hyderabad

54.  Madhava Prasad, EFL University Hyderabad

55.  Madhumeeta Sinha, EFL University Hyderabad

56.  Malvika Tyagi, NALSAR University of Law

57.  Manjari Katju, University of Hyderabad

58.  Maxine Berntsen, TISS, Hyderabad

59.  Maya Pandit, EFL University Hyderabad

60.  Mohan Dharavath, TISS, Hyderabad

61.  Murali Karnam, Hyderabad

62.  Murali Krishna, TISS, Hyderabad

63.  Muthyala Udaya, EFL University, Hyderabad

64.  Manohar Reddy, NALSAR University of Law

65.  Purendra Prasad, University of Hyderabad

66.  Satish, Osmania University

67.  Neelam Singh, EFL University Hyderabad

68.  Neha Pathakji, NALSAR University of Law

69.  Nikhila H, EFL University, Hyderabad

70.  Anupama, University of Hyderabad

71.  L. Vishwesh Rao, Osmania University, Hyderabad

72.  Salah, University of Hyderabad

73.  Thirumal, University of Hyderabad

74.  Panthukala Srinivas, EFL University Hyderabad

75.  Parthasarathi Muthukkaruppan, EFL University Hyderabad

76.  Pinaki Nandan Pattanaik, NALSAR University of Law

77.  Poulomi Bhattacharya, TISS, Hyderabad

78.  Prashant Kain, EFL University Hyderabad

79.  Prashant Reddy, NALSAR University of Law

80.  Vijay, University of Hyderabad

81.  Rahul Kamble, EFL University Hyderabad

82.  Rahul Menon, TISS, Hyderabad

83.  Rajesh K.P, TISS, Hyderabad

84.  Rajesh Kapoor, NALSAR University of Law

85.  Raju Nayak, EFL University Hyderabad

86.  Rama Melkote, Osmania University

87.  Ramana Murthy, University of Hyderabad

88.  Ranjith Thankappan, EFL University Hyderabad

89.  Ratnam, University of Hyderabad

90.  Rekha Pappu, TISS, Hyderabad

91.  Ritesh Khunyakari, TISS, Hyderabad

92.  Durga Bhavani, University of Hyderabad

93.  Sachi Madhavan, EFL University Hyderabad

94.  Saheed, MANUU, Hyderabad

95.  Sanjay Kumar, EFL University Hyderabad

96.  Sanjay Palshikar, University of Hyderabad

97.  Santosh Kumar Verma, TISS, Hyderabad

98.  Santosh Raut, EFL University Hyderabad

99.  Sareen Chatla, EFL University Hyderabad

100.                      Saveen Souda, Osmania University

101.                      Satish Poduval, EFL University Hyderabad

102.                      Shaji Sadasivan, University of Hyderabad

103.                      Shankar Sampangi, Osmania University

104.                      Sheela Prasad, University of Hyderabad

105.                      Sherin Basheer, EFL University Hyderabad

106.                      Shilpaa Anand, MANUU, Hyderabad

107.                      Shivarama Padikkal, University of Hyderabad

108.                      Shobha Naresh, University of Hyderabad

109.                      Shyam Babu, EFL University Hyderabad

110.                      Sidharth Chauhan, NALSAR University of Law

111.                      Sireesha, University of Hyderabad

112.                      Sonia Sawhney, TISS, Hyderabad

113.                      Sowmya Dechamma, University of Hyderabad

114.                      Srinivas Lankala, EFL University Hyderabad

115.                      Srinivas Surisetti, TISS, Hyderabad

116.                      Sriparna Das, University of Hyderabad

117.                      Sudhanshu Kumar, NALSAR University of Law

118.                      Suneel Mamadapur, University of Hyderabad

119.                      Suneetha Rani, University of Hyderabad

120.                      Sunita Mishra, University of Hyderabad

121.                      Surendra Singh Negi, EFL University Hyderabad

122.                      Susie Tharu, EFL University Hyderabad

123.                      Syed Ashfaq Hussain, NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad

124.                      T T Sreekumar, EFL University Hyderabad

125.                      Kannan, NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad

126.                      Sobha Rani, University of Hyderabad

127.                      Tariq Sheik, EFL University Hyderabad

128.                      Tharakeshwar V B, EFL University Hyderabad

129.                      Ujithara Ponniah, TISS, Hyderabad

130.                      Uma Bhrugubanda, EFL University Hyderabad

131.                      Uma Maheshwari Chimirala, NALSAR University of Law

132.                      Usha Raman, University of Hyderabad

133.                      V Kumaraswamy, Osmania University

134.                      J. Varghese, University of Hyderabad

135.                      Vageeshan Harathi, NALSAR University of Law

136.                      Venkat Reddy, EFL University Hyderabad

137.                      Venkatesh Vaditya, EFL University Hyderabad

138.                      Venkatesham, Osmania University

139.                      Venkateswaralu, Osmania University

140.                      Venkatrao B, EFL University Hyderabad

141.                      U. TISS, Hyderabad

142.                      Vivek Mukherjee, NALSAR University of Law

143.                      Wilson Naik, University of Hyderabad


Source: University Teachers’ Forum Hyderabad

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