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EU court cancels LTTE proscription on technicality
Published Date: 16/10/2014 (Thursday)
EU judges struck down anti-terrorism sanctions imposed on the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) by the European Union, citing a technicality. The General Court of the European Union (CVRIA) in determined that the Council had not carried out the necessary checks when determining a ‘competent authority’ during the case. However, judgement said that the assets of the group should remain frozen for the time being. The court said a decision by EU leaders in 2006 to place the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) on a list of terrorist organisations had been based on "imputations derived from the press and the Internet" rather than on direct investigation of the group's actions, as required by law.
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Grads create first-ever scholarship in Tamil studies
Published Date: 16/10/2014 (Thursday)
A York alumni couple has established the first-ever graduate award in Tamil studies in memory of a pioneer and leader of the Tamil community in Canada. Harini Sivalingam (LLB ’05) and husband Gary Anandasangaree (LLB ’05), lawyers and graduates of Osgoode Hall Law School, created the Nagaratnam (Siva) Sivalingam Award in Tamil Studies with an endowed gift. The gift was matched by York’s Faculty of Graduate Studies through the Graduate Support Matching Program.
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Legitimised Anarchy?
Published Date: 15/10/2014 (Wednesday)
Elmore Perera, Attorney-at-Law - Founder, Citizen’s Movement for Good Governance, Past President, Organisation of Professional Associations in his recent writing states, “A clear contradiction in terms”, as any sane person would say. Since 1978 the Constitution which is the Supreme Law of Sri Lanka stipulated in Article 31(2) that:
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No Fire Zone gets an Emmy nomination
Published Date: 15/10/2014 (Wednesday)
The highly controversial Channel 4 film ‘No Fire Zone: The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka’ has been nominated for the top television awards in the US. The Channel 4 film ‘No Fire Zone’ was today included among the non-fiction nominees for the 2014 International Emmy Awards. The award recognises excellence in television produced outside of the United States, with broadcasters and producers from over 60 countries competing for much-coveted nominations. The nominees, unveiled today (October 13), span 10 categories. Winners will be announced at a black-tie ceremony on November 24 at the Hilton New York Hotel.
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ICRC to conduct a Family Needs Assessment for the families of missing persons in Sri Lanka
Published Date: 15/10/2014 (Wednesday)
The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) will carry out an island-wide survey to assess the needs of the families of missing persons in Sri Lanka, an ICRC communiqué said. The ICRC in January this year has presented proposal to the government to conduct a Family Needs Assessment for the families of missing persons and Sri Lankan authorities have accepted it. The organization has held discussions with the officials from the Ministry of Defense and the task force of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) on the proposed survey.
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EU Statement - "Improved fisheries management thanks to robust cooperation with the EU"
Published Date: 14/10/2014 (Tuesday)
During a press point presenting the results of the EU fight against IUU fishing, Maria Damanaki, European Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, stated: "Ladies and gentlemen, Today I am pleased to announce the latest news referring to the implementation of our policy to fight illegal fishing : five countries have taken very concrete measures to eradicate illegal fishing in their waters or their fleets. These countries are: Belize, Fiji, Panama, Togo and Vanuatu, representing together more than 50 million € worth of imports each year.
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“Yarl-Devi” arrives in Jaffna
Published Date: 13/10/2014 (Monday)
"Yarl-Devi" decorated with flower garlands arrived in Jaffna, the islands Northern District to day after 24 years of suspension due to armed conflict in Sri Lanka. President Mahinda Rajapaksa bought a ticket and boarded the train with Minister of Traditional Industries and Small Enterprise Development Douglas Devananda, for the last 43 kilometers of the journey and opened several railroad stations along the way.
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TYCA hands in petition to UK Prime Minister David Cameron
Published Date: 11/10/2014 (Saturday)
Ministry of Tamil Youth & Cultural Affairs (TYCA), Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) handed in a petition to Prime Minister David Cameron today calling on the HMG to: Stop the Genocide of Tamils; Stop the Land grabbing; Stop the Disappearance; Stop the Tamil Human Rights Abuses; Stop the colonisation of Sinhalese in North & East; Demand for UN supervised referendum in N&E for Tamil Eelam; and Stop deportation of Tamils to Sri Lanka from UK. It was reported over 1800 signatures were collected by members of TYCA during the “Mullivaikal” remembrance week from 12-18 May, 2014.
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Mental Health Workshop
Published Date: 10/10/2014 (Friday)
Friday, 10 October, 2014 was World Mental Health Day and this year’s focus was Living with Schizophrenia. To mark this significant day, the Consular Section of the British High Commission (BHC) organised a workshop to raise awareness and promote a positive and non-judgemental approach towards mental health. The workshop was a collaboration between the BHC, the Colombo South Teaching Hospital and the University of Sri Jayawardenapura.
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SOAS University of London Introduces Tamil Course
Published Date: 09/10/2014 (Thursday)
The School of Oriental and African Studies announce that they have introduced Tamil course, one-year course with 3 terms, 10 weeks per term, 2 hours per week . The attendance is part time. The aim of the course is to provide participants with a solid foundation in all four language skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening). It enables participants to learn some basic grammatical forms and essential vocabulary.
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Sri Lanka: UN review highlights empty rights promises
Published Date: 07/10/2014 (Tuesday)
Sri Lanka must stop making empty promises to the international community and the Sri Lankan people on improving the country’s still desperate human rights situation, Amnesty International said, ahead of a UN review of the country’s rights record. The UN Human Rights Committee (HRC) in Geneva, Switzerland, will on 7 and 8 October, be reviewing Sri Lanka’s respect for rights enshrined in the key human rights treaty: the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). This is the first such assessment since 2003.
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The physical assault by Sajin Vass Gunawardene, MP is a clear reflection on the country’s tragic situation, says Karu Jayasuriya MP
Published Date: 06/10/2014 (Monday)
“The physical assault by Sajin Vass Gunawardena, MP is a clear reflection on the country’s tragic situation. This is the first ever time since Independence that a parliamentarian has resorted to such demeaning behaviour- attacking a diplomat who was on a State-related visit to another country. The matter is even worse in that, the attacker happens to be the Monitoring MP of the Ministry of External Affairs”, said MP Karu Jayasuriya, Chairman of the Leadership Council, United National Party, in a statement issued by him today.
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Young Tamil Nadu Movement (Ilanthamizhagam) welcomes the judgement over Jayalalithaa
Published Date: 05/10/2014 (Sunday)
The need of the hour is not to encourage corrupt political parties, but to build mass peoples' movements with political integrity, says Young Tamil Nadu Movement of India. On Saturday, 27th September, 2014, the Bangalore Special Court passed a judgment on the Disproportionate Assets case of 1996 convicting all the four accused including the then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Jayalalithaa and her close aide Sasikala. We should only be sorry for the delay in justice. Certain sections of people protest the judgment exclaiming as if looting 66 crores of rupees is a petty crime only shows that they consider politics as nothing but a profitable venture.
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International conspiracy for Lanka regime change: President Rajapakse
Published Date: 04/10/2014 (Saturday)
Addressing a group of Sri Lankan expatriates in Rome, president Mahinda Rajapaksa said that a section of the international community is plotting against his regime to set up a puppet government in the country. Rajapakse also thanked the Sri Lankan expatriates for holding pro-Sri Lanka demonstrations in Geneva, the seat of United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC).
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Attack on opposition politicians continue – Attempt to cow the opposition to submission
Published Date: 01/10/2014 (Wednesday)
Campaign for Free and fair Elections (CaFFE) writes in its media statement, a house which was to host an event on October 1, to reorganize the United National Party (UNP) electoral organizations in Nawalapitiya before the Presidential Election next year was attacked on September 30th, 2014. The house was pelleted with stones and then a petrol bomb was thrown into the house.
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Online journalists training sabotaged by Sri Lankan government
Published Date: 30/09/2014 (Tuesday)
Sri Lanka's government sabotaged a training program for online journalists for the fourth time in three months, a media rights group said Monday, accusing the authorities of continued intimidation and suppression of the media. Umbrella organization Action Committee for Media Freedom said a training workshop was to have been held at a resort in the seaside town of Negombo, near capital Colombo, during the weekend. But, the training workshop was cancelled because plainclothes police officers warned the resort owner of dire consequences if it was allowed.
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Jayalalithaa Loyalist Panneerselvam Becomes Tamil Nadu Chief Minister
Published Date: 29/09/2014 (Monday)
Following the Bangalore special court convicting Ms Jayalalithaa in the disproportionate assets case, AIADMK party met on Sunday, 28 September and elected Jayalalitha loyalist Mr O Panneerselvam unanimously, who was holding the finance and public works portfolios, as the new Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Her conviction on Saturday meant that she was immediately disqualified as a member of the Tamil Nadu assembly. Last year, the Supreme Court delivered a landmark judgement that said law-makers found guilty of a crime with a jail sentence of two or more years cannot hold office or run for election.
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Twenty Two Nations Backs Sri Lanka Against UN Rights Probe
Published Date: 28/09/2014 (Sunday)
Sri Lanka has won the backing of 22 nations in its battle against the UN's war crimes probe into the country's human rights record during the against the LTTE. A government statement said the countries in a joint statement had termed the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) resolution passed last March as an intrusive mandate and unwarranted in the context of Sri Lanka's own local investigation.
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Ongoing hate Muslim campaign Now reached Matara Issadeen Town?
Published Date: 27/09/2014 (Saturday)
It appears that Islamophobia, devastating the island for the past three years and tearing apart communities, has reached the Matara Issadeen Town where Sinhalese and Muslims once lived like one family, writes journalists Latheef Farook. The controversy began with some Sinhalese demanding the closure of a mosque without any valid reason. The relationship between the two communities was so cordial once that late Rev Diviyagaha Gunananda Thero who was the chief prelate at the Buddhist Temple at Issadeen Town often advised monks and Sinhalese in the area to” always respect Muslims and never hurt or harm them”. He had given this advice even in his death bed.
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Ongoing hate Muslim campaign Now reached Matara Issadeen Town?
Published Date: 27/09/2014 (Saturday)
It appears that Islamophobia, devastating the island for the past three years and tearing apart communities, has reached the Matara Issadeen Town where Sinhalese and Muslims once lived like one family, writes journalists Latheef Farook. The controversy began with some Sinhalese demanding the closure of a mosque without any valid reason. The relationship between the two communities was so cordial once that late Rev Diviyagaha Gunananda Thero who was the chief prelate at the Buddhist Temple at Issadeen Town often advised monks and Sinhalese in the area to” always respect Muslims and never hurt or harm them”.
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President Mahinda Rajapakse and Opposition leader Ranil Wickramasinghe in Europe!
Published Date: 26/09/2014 (Friday)
Both president Mahinda Rajapakse and opposition leader Ranil Wickramasinghe are intending to undertake foreign tours next week, say the presidential secretariat and the opposition leader’s office. President Rajapakse will return home from the US on September 28, and will leave on October 01 on a three day official tour of Rome.
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SLMC raises concerns over the “Great Sangha Council” Event.
Published Date: 26/09/2014 (Friday)
Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) raises concerns regarding the proposed Bodu Bala Sena’s (BBS) the “great Sangha Council” event on Sunday, 28 September. M.T. Hasen Ali MP, Secretary General, Sri Lanka Muslim Congress said: “The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) has been informed that extremist Buddhist groups, including the Bodu Bala Sena, have organised what they term a ‘great Sangha council’ on Sunday, the 28th of September.In the past such events, most recently in Aluthgama, were marked by inflammatory hate speech and organised violence against the Muslim community.
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Muslim Council of Sri Lanka objects to granting of visa to Ven. Ashin Wirathu leader of the Myanmar 969 Movement.
Published Date: 25/09/2014 (Thursday)
Muslim Council of Sri Lanka writes to President Mahinda Rajapake not to grant visa to Ven. Ashin Wirathu who has been invited by the Bodu Bala Sena to attend their “Great Sangha Council” meeting on the 28 September 2014. In a letter to President Rajapakse, Hilmy Ahamed, Acting President of the Muslim Council wrote, “Ven. Ashin Wirathu is the dreaded leader of the 969 Movement in Myanmar. He is also known as the Butcher of the Burmese Muslims.
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Free Schools failing black and Asian children, new research shows
Published Date: 25/09/2014 (Thursday)
Free Schools were supposed to put power into the hands of local communities but they are failing children from Black, Asian and minority Ethnic communities (BAME) and increasing inequality, according to a new report. Building on previous reports by ROTA, a social policy organisation focused on issues impacting on Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities and NASUWT this new Report again finds that a substantial proportion of free schools are not operating fair and inclusive admissions policies. It also finds that Black, Asian and minority Ethnic parents face unfair barriers when they try to set up free schools of their own.
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President Rajapaksa addresses the 69th Session of the UN General Assembly
Published Date: 25/09/2014 (Thursday)
Addressing the 69th Session of the UN General Assembly general debate in New York city, President Mahinda Rajapakse pointed out that human rights are used as a tool to implement motivated agendas with no understanding or appreciation of the complexity of issues in the countries concerned. “Human rights should be recognised by all as a moral and ethical concept rather than as a political tool. External intervention without adequate consideration of the structures in a society and cultural traditions of the countries where such intervention takes place, inevitably results in destabilisation, which is very much in evidence today, in most parts of the world.”
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