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Sri Lanka's war widows trafficked as slaves to Gulf
Published Date: 09/08/2017 (Wednesday)
When Nathkulasinham Nesemalhar took a flight from Colombo to Muscat in March she believed the boarding pass she clutched in her hand was her golden ticket to a better life after decades of war where she lost everything, including her husband. The 54-year-old widow from Sri Lanka's former war zone had been promised work as a maid
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High level consensus neededto make the third transition
Published Date: 07/08/2017 (Monday)
Sri Lanka is at the threshold of its third transition within the space of a decade. The first took place in 2009 on the battlefields of the north when the LTTE was militarily defeated and the government regained control over the entirety of the country. The second transition took place in 2015 with the political defeat of the former government that won the war at the
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Ancient statue unearthed at Cambodia's Angkor complex
Published Date: 07/08/2017 (Monday)
A statue thought to be from the late 12th to the early 13th century has been found at Cambodia's famed Angkor temple complex Archaeologists have unearthed a large, centuries-old statue that is believed to have once stood guard over an ancient hospital at Cambodia's world-famous Angkor temple complex.
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His future linked to solving national question: Sampanthan
Published Date: 06/08/2017 (Sunday)
Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s political future and the future of the country largely depend on resolving the national question and bringing about economic development, Opposition Leader R Sampanthan said. He said this during the ceremony in Parliament to felicitate Prime Minister Ranil Wickrmesinghe's 40 years as a parliamentarian.
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EU court removes Tamil Tigers from ‘terrorist’ list
Published Date: 05/08/2017 (Saturday)
The Court of Justice of the European Union issued a ruling on July 26 that confirmed an earlier General Court decision removing the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) from the EU's list of "terrorist organisations". The LTTE was an armed organisation fighting for an independent Tamil homeland in the
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Ban TNA to realize reconciliation – Sarath Weerasekera
Published Date: 03/08/2017 (Thursday)
The European Court of Justice (ECJ) delivered a judgment recently annulling measures against the LTTE, namely the designation of the LTTE as a terrorist organization. In spite of the ECJ's ruling, the European Union (EU) stated in a press release on 27 July that LTTE remains listed as a terror organization by the EU. Commenting on this latest state of affairs
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China makes headway as Lanka walks tightrope
Published Date: 03/08/2017 (Thursday)
Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) on July 22, 2017, took delivery of an Advanced Offshore Patrol Vessel (AOPV) built by the Government of India owned Goa Shipyard Limited (GSL). On the invitation of Navy Chief Vice Admiral Ravi Wijegunaratne, President Maithripala Sirisena will commission the vessel as SLNS Sayurala (P 623) today (August 2) at the Eastern Container Terminal, Colombo harbour. It’ll be the first occasion a President
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Published Date: 03/08/2017 (Thursday)
The signing up of the Concessionary Agreement between Sri Lanka and China for the development of the Hambantota Port last Saturday was a epoch making moment for Sri Lanka. New trade and maritime links would be opening up which includes China's meat and other exports to Africa and also imports.
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Hambantota Port agreement has provisions disadvantageous to sl –Trade Union leader
Published Date: 02/08/2017 (Wednesday)
Hot on the heels of the government inking the Hambantota Port deal, D.J. Rajakaruna, Convener of the Joint Trade Union Alliance in the petroleum sector, speaks about its implications to the country and its economy at large. Excerpts:
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A Special Rapporteur’s visit
Published Date: 02/08/2017 (Wednesday)
The visit of Ben Emmerson Q.C., aUN Special Rapporteur on human rights and counter-terrorism, to Sri Lanka from July 10 to 14 was concluded with a statement to the media in which he warned Sri Lanka of "dire consequences" unless the Government fully implemented the Geneva Resolution 30/1. An Associated Press report in The Washington Post of July 15 states: "…that even those as recently as late last year have been subjected to torture…".
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Gethsie Shanmugam among Magsaysay Awards winners
Published Date: 01/08/2017 (Tuesday)
Sri Lankan teacher-turned counsellor Gethsie Shanmugam, who counselled war widows and orphans to overcome their nightmares, are among the six winners of this year’s Ramon Magsaysay Awards, regarded as Asia’s version of the Nobel Prize, agency reports said.
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Celebrating the world’s indigenous peoples
Published Date: 01/08/2017 (Tuesday)
Every year on 9 August, the international community comes together to celebrate the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, paying tribute to indigenous communities around the globe. Living across 90 countries, indigenous peoples make up less than five per cent of the world’s population, represent some 5,000 different cultures and speak a majority of the world’s estimated 7,000 languages
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President should form a new Govt. - Dayasiri
Published Date: 01/08/2017 (Tuesday)
President Maithripala Sirisena is reported to have said that he would consider a new govt sans corrupt members. What do you think is the way forward? Actually, President Sirisena quit the previous rule as he could not stand corruption as uttered by him. There were issues involving the Rajapaksas. He said he protested all that. People rallied behind him. They sought a govt which is not riddled with corruption, but offers
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Mangala responds to GL: The ICC doesn’t have jurisdiction over SL
Published Date: 01/08/2017 (Tuesday)
The following is a response sent to us by Finance and Mass Media Minister Mangala Samaraweera. International legal practitioners both here in Sri Lanka and overseas have expressed their utter shock at the purported opinion expressed by Professor G.L. Peiris in the Daily Mirror of 21st July, 2017, which isn’t only legally fundamentally flawed, but is also factually false. The question is if Professor Peiris has
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Army chief visits Jaffna amidst turmoil
Published Date: 31/07/2017 (Monday)
Army Commander Lt. Gen. Mahesh Senanayake visited Jaffna peninsula over the weekend in the wake of a spate of incidents there since the second week of July. A senior security official told The Island that Lt. Gen. Senanayake had directed certain measures after having discussed the security situation in the peninsula.
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India – Sri Lanka Peace Accord and 30 years of Indian Diplomacy in Sri Lanka : TGTE
Published Date: 31/07/2017 (Monday)
Today marks 30 years since the signing of the Indo – Sri Lanka Peace Accord on 29th of July 1987 in the name of resolving the national conflict in Sri Lanka between Sinhala and Tamil people. It is timely that the Eelam Tamil nation makes a pause at this moment to look back on the impact of this event on the Tamil national struggle, but also on the losses and destruction which accompanied it.
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Sri Lanka’s Conflict-Affected Women: Dealing with the Legacy of War
Published Date: 29/07/2017 (Saturday)
Eight years after the end of Sri Lanka’s armed conflict, Tamil speaking women in the island’s north and east are still seeking justice and truth for wartime violations. Bold promises by the government to the United Nations Human Rights Council in 2015 – including a truth commission, a special court and offices to investigate missing persons and provide
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Former Govt. sold our lands outright: We changed it”
Published Date: 28/07/2017 (Friday)
President Maithripala Sirisena in a speech encompassing all issues that have been in public discourse said that a majority of the people should not be victimised due to the conspiracies of a few. “It was the previous regime that sold our land outright, unlike any previous regime. 200 acres were sold outright for the port city project to a Chinese company.
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Published Date: 28/07/2017 (Friday)
It's obvious that neither Premier Ranil Wickremesinghe nor President Maithripala Sirisena ever gave a thought to sustainability of a unity government when the numerous forces which engineered Sirisena's common candidature for the presidency came together in a desperate attempt to bring an end to a run-away de facto dictatorship that was run with a rubber stamp Cabinet of Ministers.
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Villagers demand Release of more Army held lands
Published Date: 28/07/2017 (Friday)
Despite the release of 110 acres of private lands, by the Army, to the original owners in Keppapilavu, villagers were however, adamant that their 150 day struggle will not be called off until all their private lands are released.
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China Money’
Published Date: 27/07/2017 (Thursday)
China and Hambantota are once more in the news, with Cabinet approval having been obtained to grant China Merchants Holdings Company Ltd. a 70% equity stake on the Hambantota Port for $ 1.4 billion, of which 10% 'will be deposited immediately after the official validation, another 30% of the value in three months (October) and the balance in another six months (January).
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Sri Lanka Court of Appeal issues warrant to arrest naval officer acquitted of TNA MP Raviraj murder
Published Date: 27/07/2017 (Thursday)
Sri Lanka's Court of Appeal today issued a warrant for the immediate arrest of a naval officer who was acquitted of the murder of Tamil National Alliance parliamentarian Nadarajah Raviraj.
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Tamil widow asks Northern Ireland police ombudsman to probe STF massacre
Published Date: 26/07/2017 (Wednesday)
A Tamil widow who says ten relatives were massacred by Sri Lanka's police in 1986 has lodged a complaint with Northern Ireland's police ombudsman after links to the country's security forces emerged, the Irish Times reports.
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Emmerson's meeting with LTTE detainees within terms of ref: Ministry
Published Date: 22/07/2017 (Saturday)
In the wake of controversy surrounding the permission given to Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and Counter Terrorism Ben Emmerson to meet LTTE detainees, the Law and Order Ministry had acted in this regard in keeping with Terms of Reference governing such visits, it is learnt.
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Top UN official here to evaluate progress Constitution making process
Published Date: 21/07/2017 (Friday)
The UN is in the process of evaluating the ongoing UNP-led constitution making process marred by political turmoil close on the heels of UN Special Rapporteur Ben Emmerson, QC’s controversial visit. UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms while countering terrorism, Emmerson concluded his five-day visit last Friday.
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